Saturday, June 30, 2012

Off Kilter

I am currently on my pre-op diet for surgery next Thursday and the first week went pretty good no issues. Yesterday was a really bad day for me. I had not slept too good the past 2 nights… so that was against me. I think my hormones are beginning to get off kilter a bit…so that was against me. The to top it all off my husband is now having issues at work…issues that when he takes the time off for me to have surgery he may be put on final notice!


Guess what I am a stress eater and well that pushed me  over the edge.

I ate!!

  • I had some pepperoni.
  • I had some salami
  • I had some cheese
  • I had a couple of bites of the cube steak I made for dinner for my family
  • I had a handful of chocolate chips
  • I had a giant glass of skim milk(this was not so bad as it is actually on the list of foods I can eat right now)

I was so angry with myself!

I am, however, human. If I beat myself up over this it is just going to get worse. So I made the choice to stop right there! I went and took a shower and got ready for bed. I did need a little extra sleep because I really was over tired plus it would keep me out of the kitchen. So that is what I did.

I am still pretty upset with myself but I also forgive myself and am moving on.

Today I have been right on track and my body is, well letting me know about the mistake I made and I think I will remember to not to that again.

Today my mood is better. I slept well and I am positive and bright.

Today makes it only 4 days until surgery and I am a world wind of emotions…some good…some not so good.

Until next time…


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