Saturday, June 2, 2012

Not What I Want


In pain.



Yep that is physically how I felt today.

I am attending a convention I do every year and I can see a vast decline in my health and how I can handle things. I am so upset at how much harder and challenging things were…are here! I am having major issues with the stairs, my hip is out, my back hurts as well as my feet!

No more!

I so am looking forward to next month. I know it will not be easy. I know it is going to be hard and challenging but I also know the payoff will be so worth it! The boost and tool I really need and want!

I cannot wait to be on the other side of this surgery. To be on the mend and my poor joints getting a break from all this weight they are currently carrying around.

I know this will be better… I just need to keep focused on what I need to do right now to have a safe surgery.

Until next time…


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