Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Date Has Arrived!



I have been sitting here just mulling things from this past weekend, catching up on some studying and I get a call from my primary insurance carrier that they have given me the green light for surgery!!!


Then I was going to call my Surgeon’s office to see if I could get a date set even though I had not heard back from my secondary yet BUT decided I would be patient(after all it is a fruitage I am working on).

I went about my daily business, continuing to catch up on things…you know laundry, dishes, basic cleaning.

The phone rings again…it is Candy…the scheduler from my surgeons office!!


She is calling ME!

After Aetna called her she was able to check my secondary insurances website to see if the approval had come through.(Something I can’t do I don’t think, maybe I can I am really not 100% sure BUT it does not matter anyway now) It DID!! So both insurance companies have given the green light and she was calling me with a date!! Or rather she was calling me to schedule THE date!

Can you believe it!? This time around things have seemed to have gone so smoothly…no bumps and QUICK too!

So the date is…

Are you ready for this???

July 5th!!!!

Exactly one month from today I get to receive a tool to help me in this journey I have been on most of my life but definitely ALL of my adult life!

I read about some very successful people who have had the surgery. I also read about some that have had complications. Some who have had a bit of regain. Others who are in the process still. Yet still more that have not only been successful but have completely changed their lives.

I know it is NOT going to be easy. I know there WILL be negative nelly’s that pop up. I know there is the possibility of complications. BUT…I am running…yes running into this with my eyes wide open and I am thrilled, excited and thankful I have been given another chance.

I am still not ready though to share this wonderful news with any in my real life… I know I will…eventually, just not yet.

Until next time…


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