Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The time for surgery is getting closer and I am anxious.

Anxious in a good way though.

Last night Kevin and I went to a WLS support meeting and it was great. One of the surgeons came in and took questions for a bit and thought I did not hear anything new, it was good to hear it again.

I also saw one of the woman who was just a month out of surgery when I first went to one of these meeting last June who had lost quite a bit already. I barely recognized her! She had lost 188 pounds in 13 months! Holy cow! She was tiny! Seriously! Seeing her before I NEVER would have imagined she would be this small. It really gave me reason to pause and reflect on what I can accomplish using this tool I am being blessed with.

The subject of loose skin came up and really it is what it is. I allowed my weight to get out of hand so what should I expect. I will do my best to build muscle and tone as I go. . The facts are I have had 3 children, all via c-sections and have had this excess weight for a long time. My skin has taken a beating. After I reach my goal weight I will revisit the whole looking into plastic surgery thing. Until then my focus is on loosing weight and getting healthy and a LOT more active.

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