Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Bucket List

The other day, I started thinking about the little things I look forward to.

That is when I realized that with the small amount of weight I have lost so far that my knees are not hurting as much. This is a HUGE victory for me because I was getting really concerned I would hurt myself and lay me up during the “honeymoon” phase of my upcoming journey.

I mean to do any kind of walking for exercise was soo very painful. Just standing up would hurt. That is when I read this…

"Our results indicate that each pound of weight lost will result in a 4-fold reduction in the load exerted on the knee per step during daily activities," wrote lead researcher Dr. Stephen P. Messier and colleagues. "Accumulated over thousands of steps per day, a reduction of this magnitude would appear to be clinically meaningful."

So in effect every pound I lose reduces the pressure by 4 pounds. No wonder my knees are starting to feel better. That is truly motivating!

I also stepped on the scale this morning and it is moving down!! Yaya! That is what I am aiming for.

So this about the little things though. The things so many really do not even think about. What am I referring to?

Well things like these:

  • sitting comfortably in theatre seats
  • not being out of breath walking up the stairs
  • having better balance
  • playing on my Wii again
  • dancing
  • enjoying clothes shopping
  • not embarrassing my daughter(not really such a little thing!)
  • playing with the kids outside
  • taking up only 1 cushion on the couch
  • fitting in the seat at the eye doctors
  • being able to sit in our outdoor chairs again

So you see the list really can and will go on…the little things that as the weight comes off I will be celebrating. Even if it is just me giving myself a high 5!

Thank you for visiting!

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