Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Many Roads Lead to Success

Do you ever just feel overwhelmed!?

I do!

I get reading about what this “Dr.” thinks is the only way to lose weight or that person did it and my head just begins to swim! I found myself there last night. A well meaning friend suggested I look into and read a book. She is concerned about me having bariatric surgery. I totally understand.

She posed a question to me that if I have to have certain behaviors after surgery why not just do them now. I have to admit it got me thinking. I could not give her an answer last night…I just had no clue. I read the excerpts on the book she suggested. It was a lot I have heard/read before. Then more questions arose. Ones that completely contradict this Dr./Author.That wonder if I am doing the right thing to have surgery started creeping in again.

Then I realize as I am having the conversation in my head that I AM doing a lot of what I would be doing after surgery BUT the weight is slowly coming off…which has happened in the past so many times. It is so slow I get so discouraged and then I throw in the towel. I know me. I have done it all so to speak and I just am done trying everything else.

  • I know this is not a cure all.
  • I know there is a great loss followed by a slingback of some of the weight.
  • I know no matter HOW we lose weight, regain is ALWAYS a possibility.
  • If you lose weight via counting calories or carbs, follow Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri-system, Slim Fast or any number of diets out there you CAN regain weight.
  • They are all tools. All of them. We as individuals need to find what will work for us.
  • Some find it right off.
  • Others…like me…have to continue to hunt until we do find a solution we can work with. That will work for us.
  • Do I know absolutely surgery is going to work? Of course not.
  • Does anyone? Nope. Again it is JUST a tool! I still need to do the work.

I enjoy reading of other people’s successes and I love cheering others along on the journey…no matter the course they have chosen. It is a personal decision. One each of us need to live with and work within. While I read each persons journey through the various routes…that is when I am reminded these are tools and all have the potential to lose their effectiveness. We have that potential to stop using them resulting in a weight regain.

So no matter our road we decide to travel down, we are all looking to succeed.

Until next time…


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