Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bariatric Tools

I have been doing a LOT of reading again. And researching. And ordering of things.

I am in the process of getting things ready for surgery.

I meet with Dr. Toder in 17 days!! My hope is to have  my insurance submitted after that appointment and have a surgery date within a month. Not that my surgery will be within a month but I will hear back yay or nay…then proceed. My guess is I will be approved as I already was. My hopes is a date sometime in July. We shall see and I shall let you know when I do!

I am still looking for different protein drinks…need to try before the 2 week pre-op and 2 week post-op diet officially begins. Any suggestions? What is your fave?

Also on my list I still need to buy are…

  • To help me eat slower…
  • To help with a restful night sleep…
  • To puree food for a few weeks and quick prep meals 

Those are a few things…what else do you think may be helpful? Any ideas?

Until next time…


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