Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Are You Kind…To Yourself?

I have not been.

I beat myself up emotionally and that needs to stop and stop right now. I would NEVER say the things to those I love that I say to myself in my head! I just would not dream of it. SO why do I say horrible and mean things to myself?!

I feel like I am not worthy and though an imperfect individual God even shows so much more kindness to me than I do and how horrible is that? I mean all I have is a gift from God and I have not treated it kindly…not at all.

I am certainly not showing love and caring for this body he gave me. Instead I have ignored and abused it. It cannot happen anymore.

I have to remember that my time is now and that I want good “dates’ with my children and husband. I know loosing the weight is not a cure all for all that woes me but it will certainly help me feel more confident, have more energy, be more active.

So I will persevere! And work on being kind to myself as I do to others I love.

Until next time…


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