Thursday, April 12, 2012


I read a VERY inspiring blog called “300 Pounds Down”. It is the journey of Holly and she is down 143 pounds so far and making great strides in moving forward. I was reading…as I said…the other day and she wrote THIS

Go and read it…I’ll wait …

She is amazing right? Did you see it? Her Victory List? I LOVE It!!! I loved it so much I messaged her asking permission to steal borrow this fantastic idea! She graciously agreed. Thank you Holly!!!

My plan is to print these puppies up and make a book out of it to carry with me. The beauty of this is I can change it as I change. Isn’t that awesome too!!!????

How encouraging this is…everything about it!

How about you? Well there is something about The Victory List that even just these past couple days has made a difference. Weird how that is Huh?

I’m lovin’ it all right! My dedication…the feeling of empowerment!

What about you? What are you lovin’ right now?

Until next time…


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