Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Am NOT Blind!

Good morning friends. Yet another beautiful day outside and I feel like blech!

This too eventually will pass…right? Right!

Something I have been battling with since December was my internal feeling of failure…giving in….being defeated by having weight loss surgery. It is not that way at all though. It is simply a tool. A drastic, potentially dangerous tool I admit, but a tool none the less.

Am I weak for admitting I need this tool?

I thought so at one time.

Am I a failure for proceeding down this path of surgery?

I think not!

Will this be a cure to my obesity?

Ummm if I thought that I would be in such a place of denial! That I am not.

The initial weight loss is such an encouraging time. One to embrace and use to ones advantage. To take that strength and move more.

I realize now obesity is a disease in itself and I have tried curing it so many times on my own. I have not been able to so it is not a failure to accept another tool to help me conquer this battle.

I am also well aware that I need to work on reasons as to why I got this way. To work on my head. I am already doing that.

I am keenly aware of the risks of surgery…thus my panicking and cancelling my surgery back in December. This is a personal decision, one that I appreciate input but understand I am absolutely not going into this blind. I have researched this quite a bit and am continuing to do so. I certainly have seen many possible bad things that may happen after surgery. I also know obesity in itself is a risk daily. A simple fall can cause massive injuries, sometimes permanent ones. So either way really is a risk and that is how I see it.

Have a great Sunday all!

Until next time…


"Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It's the courage to keep going is what counts." Winston Churchill

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