Friday, March 2, 2012


Good morning lovelies!

As a kid I went roller skating pretty regularly. I had forgot all about it until I found a great deal at a local …well almost local…skating rink that I had no idea was even around. We decided because of some personal things going on we would do this on our anniversary in lieu of us taking off kidless.

My daughter had a really good time.

The boys were playing laser tag in another area of the center.

I stood on the sidelines watching happily but also wishing to be out there. I absolutely LOVED skating and I got pretty good too. At my current weight I just would not dare get on the skates…however I am planning on getting back on the wheels again someday and along that line of though, I have never been on ice skates…not much opportunities to do so growing up in Florida…and that too is another goal as the weight comes off.

Meals yesterday were pretty good.

Our pretty snowy weather has changed to an awful dreary raining…sleety mess! This by far has been quite the bazar winter and I think I am now done with it! Bring on Spring….please!

I look forward to seeing the flowers and green trees once again…don’t you?

Hope you enjoy your day no matter where you are or what the weather is like in your backyard.

Until next time…


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