Monday, March 12, 2012

Do It Today

Good Monday morning!

Boy the time change has messed me up!

With the wedding Saturday night and being there way later than we had planned we ended up oversleeping by a LOT! All of us did, even my 8 year old. Totally was a weird day all around…that continued today.

My daughter…who is very punctual…was still asleep when the bus went by! Thankfully the 8 year old was up playing and started alarming everyone to the time. They all got off to school on time despite getting up late and missing the bus.

So now with the day off to yet another late beginning and “off” start I am ready to start my week.

Today I organize my coupons, make a shopping list and plan my escape of this “fat suit”. It’s a learning process right? Working through what works and does not work for each of us. With that in mind I read a post I’d like to share. It is from Holly. Take a read…she had a lot of good points!

How was you weekend? Do anything exciting?

Until next time…


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