Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Curse? Blessing?

Hmmmm. I am not entirely sure.

Let me back up a bit. So today I found out I won the Weight Watchers Deluxe Starter Kit from Friends Weighing In. I was totally excited and told my husband. He was happy for me and then proceeded to say…

“I want to go to Weight Watchers!”

Holy cow!

No way!

I would have leaped for joy in years past…to have my hubby right along side of me physically in this journey.

But now I am not so sure.

I joined 5 weeks ago…without telling anyone here in real life I had done so…not even him. I did it for me…by myself!

See my dilemma?

Is this a curse?

Is this a blessing?

Only time will tell.

This is the first time ever Kev had joined Weight Watchers and in that light I know it is good…for him.

SO even though I joined 5 weeks ago this was actually the first meeting I was able to attend…oh yeah back up a bit again…

So we wait for the kids to get home from school and off we go to join for Kev and weigh–in for me…so I thought. Nope, because I had not been there in 5 weeks my cards were no longer valid or even around so I got the privilege of re-joining with him. We have both officially joined today…together.

OK so now back to the meeting…

I LOVE the power start sessions! Wow! What an awesome addition to the program! Seriously!

I also loved how the program now is really geared to power foods. The particular meeting we attended was not the same one we go regularly but I hope the leader of the one we go to is as lively as Kim was tonight. She was great and I really think I can relate a bit to her. She lost 60 pounds with Weight Watchers but it took her 4 years to do it! 15 pounds a year…about 1/4 pound a week!Seriously I have not ever heard of anyone losing that slow and succeeding. I do believe I will try to catch her meeting now and again regardless. I also need to see if she is the leader of the meeting Hubs and I will be going to regularly.

Speaking of flexible, in the regular part of the meeting we discussed what is and is not working for us on the program. This one guy said what is working is he discovered he is a snacker and was using more points from dinner until around 9PM. SO what did he do? He adjusted it so he had plenty of points remaining so he could snack guilt free. Doh! So Simple right???!!! THAT is why attending the meetings are so important to success.

On a final note I am feeling a little better. Thankfully. Still congested, but feeling human again.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time…


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