Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Did It!!

I did it.

I did it.

I did it.

I re-joined Weight Watchers for the last time! I will make lifetime…yes I will!

Pssthey Val and Sonja I do not plan on telling anyone here locally OK? At least not for a while because I need to do this for me and focus on what I need at this point. ok? This includes my kiddos and Kevin. I want them to see a difference in me first…then I will tell them. So please keep this to yourselves.

Last Friday I took the plunge and did it. I got my materials and am working out a time I can make the meetings regularly. It will probably be Wednesday mornings starting next week…kids are home this week…Hubs is still not back to work yet either so it will not be right now.

I do like some things that have changed this year with the program and after reading over some of the material it hit me!! I have been trying to run a marathon race without ever training or running a smaller race first! I dive right in expecting too much too soon. Not taking things in a progressive manner.

So I am going to begin “training” taking things progressively and one step at a time, trying to enjoy this process and making life changes that are doable for me as I go.

I welcome this with open arms!

One other thing a few years ago when I did so well I was doing it just for me because I had hit a wall…I am there again and know I need to go this road alone. That is when I was so successful. Not being alone…not getting support but fully doing it for me, by myself. I know to some this might sound contradictive but it is not. I have wound up dependent on someone else when I have a “partner” with this weight loss “race” and find when they change or give up or do not want to do it anymore I quit too. Thus the reasons I need to go and be part of this without anyone being my partner in crime. I sincerely hope I do not offend anyone or hurt feelings I just know me and I want and NEED to succeed in this effort.

I need encouragement and cheering. In this I need to be the center of my weight loss universe. If this sounds selfish it may be. It is the way it has to be.

Have a great day!


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