Sunday, January 22, 2012

No Excuses

Today I faced the music on the scale. I will make NO EXCUSES I am up…a lot! How much? I am up 12 pounds. Yep. The decisions I made are directly reflected on that square glass scale I step on each Sunday.

Amazingly I am ok with that. Do not get me wrong, I am disappointed, but I am owning it. There lies in the difference in ME! There lies why I am ok with it.

I know I made some good decisions like when the family and I went to Denny’s for breakfast. I was dreading it. It was a temptation for me as I LOVE their pumpkin pancakes. However I was armed with their nutritional info and when I saw JUST the pancakes were more than 300 calories and 4 grams of fat I looked for something else. I was happy to see this…

Fit Slam® 390 calories 12grams of fat

NOW I knew what I was going to order. And order I did and it was good!

I really really enjoyed it.

It really was good and the best part about it was I felt good about my decision.

I had other proud moments too but there was some things I know I could have done better but still made a choice, choices I owned.

I have had NO EXCUSES for exercise either thanks to MizFit being my “trainer”. I have her with me each day. She kicks my buttay with the lunges. I hate them, but I do them because I am worth. My body, my health are definitely worth it!

What non-scale victories have you had this week?


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