Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Good morning fellow success people! Today is good, don’t you agree?

I am really happy I planned my meals out this week because being sick I really would not have known what to make. I am feeling much better today thankfully but after being sick I do struggle with eating….the things that are good for me. Again really happy I planned. The knee still hurts a bit but is definitely getting better. So happy about this because I really want to get back to regular exercising.

I am sipping my protein coffee and enjoying it very much, despite the dreary day outside. I am working on my weekly goals and moving forward each day.

I am also working on my head junk. The stuff that keeps getting in the way of me getting to goal. The stuff that rears it’s ugly head and pushes me back when I am moving right along working with my goals and “flying” with 2 wings.

Share one or two or three positive thing you have done so far this week.


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