Friday, November 30, 2012

Hello Friday

A fantabulous Friday all!!

Life here in our new home has been busy busy busy!!

So much change in so little time.

We moved.

My oldest moved out.

The week before we moved Hubs lost his job.

The kids changed schools. We have changed congregations.

We are in a new town.

It is all good though. Change can certainly be good and it seems to be for us…most of us anyway.

I am officially down 81 pounds! It is surreal to me!!!

Thank you all soooooo much for your continued support though this journey! I really appreciate it so much!

Until next time…


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh What a Feeling

Hello fine friends. It is absolutely beautiful here in Maine today!

Why YES! I AM at work….errr.the gym! =)

I am so happy to report my hypothesis was true regarding all the pain the past few days I have been feeling. I cut out the bread carbs and sugar and I am feeling remarkably better than I was. Not 100% but sooo much better. I am sure the more I get away from them the better each day I will feel.

My house is completely getting CRAZY right now! We are getting all things packed up and I am really getting so excited! =) I will absolutely be missing my dear friends but I also know I am still close enough I will come and visit. That makes me very happy. Friends and loved ones…they really are what life…the real life is all about. Right? You lose them and well really what do you have left? Nothing in my opinion. So I strongly cherish them all!

I log daily on My Fitness Pal and today I hit 110 days straight logging! That is to say I have been home from my surgery for 110 days!! Woohoo! Things have been going good. I hit a bump this weekend with allowing certain foods back into my diet, however I have quickly learned from it and have corrected my course. THIS is a NSV for me!!!

Each day I try to do things that will have a positive impact on me for all my tomorrows. Not just me though really, for my family and friends…yep that is so important to me, and yes I realize I am repeating myself here.

Thank YOU…each of YOU for the continued support and encouragement. It just pushes me to do better and continue on and to also continue to share my thoughts…good and bad…the whole journey and process. I really am blessed to be able to do this and share the good….bad….and ugly!! Thank you!

Until next time…


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Good morning!!

What a great day! The sun is shining and it is a crisp cool day.

Last night at 7:14 PM, however, we did feel a jolt! Yes I am sure you have heard about it on the news that there indeed was an earthquake that originated in the lower part of Maine and was felt all the way to Nova Scotia and south as far as southern Connecticut! Absolutely crazy and was a bit eerie for a short time. It was a definite first for me. Have you ever felt an earthquake or been in a major one?

It certainly is surreal for me to think at how far I really have come since July. I feel so much better and so much more energy! I have already completed my house cleaning and am moving onto the packing in just a few minutes and when I think about that I still get amazed.

I want to share a NSV with you today too. Sunday when I was getting ready to go to the Sunday meeting I was actually able to wear stockings! Now I know there are a lot of woman who HATE wearing them and there are definitely times in the past that I just hated it too. HOWEVER…I have not been able to wear them without pain for sometime and just stopped wearing them. I FROZE last winner when I wore dresses and skirts because of that. NOT this year though! No sir! I am sooo happy!

Since I share a NSV with you I would LOVE it if you too would share one with me in the comments section below.

Until next time…


Friday, October 12, 2012


Good morning! It is a cold dreary day here but you got to take the good and the bad. I still LOVE fall despite this kind of weather.

I wanted to share a non-scale victory today with you. I am now in my smaller jeans again!! They are 4 sizes smaller than I started this journey out at. I am thrilled!!

I also wanted to share something that my husband said to me today. He told me in a nutshell he is seeing a remarkable difference in me in appearance and attitude and in how I carry myself. This made me feel so good on top of fitting into my jeans because after my dietician appointment this past Wednesday and feeling less than stellar I just needed some positive reinforcement.

On the house hunting front we found one we like. In another town. We shall see if it goes through. Filling out application for it and mailing it out today so we shall hopefully get a positive answer and this moving process will be well underway and life an get a bit back to “normal”. I definitely need to be settled. This upheaval is just not doing me any good at all.

Thank you all so much for the support. I really really appreciate it. You guys rock!

Until next time…


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal Bars

Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal Bars

Dry ingredients:

  • 3c. Old fashioned oats, dry
  • 1.5t. baking powder
  • 1t. sea salt
  • 2T pumpkin pie spice
  • 3 scoop unflavored protein powder (I use This)
  • 1/2c sweetener of choice (I use this)
  • 1c. unpacked raisins

Wet ingredients:

  • 1 1/2c. greek plain yogurt (I use Chobani)
  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • 2t. vanilla extract
  • 2 cans pumpkin puree (I use this)

Icing ingredients:

  • 1/3c. greek plain yogurt (I use chobani)
  • 2 scoops vanilla protein powder (I use This)


  1. Combine dry ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Combine wet ingredients in a separate bowl.
  3. Combine wet and dry ingredients together, do not over mix just to combine.
  4. Allow mixture to sit at least an hour to overnight.
  5. Heat oven to 350 degrees.
  6. Spray a 13x9 baking dish with cooking spray or use this with canola oil.
  7. Place in oven and bake for 45 minutes.
  8. While baking make icing by slowly adding protein powder to yogurt.
  9. Add water, 1/4t. at a time, as needed to make icing the consistency you desire. (I used about 3/4t.)
  10. Allow bake to cool a bit and then spread icing over top.
  11. Cut into 16 equal pieces.
  12. Enjoy hot or cold.

Until next time…


Monday, September 17, 2012

Spring...Err There’s a Fall in My Step

Hello lovely people!

I absolutely LOVE the weather we have been having lately.

I like summer…I like the warm weather BUT there is just something about the Fall and the weather that comes along with it. Then there are the smells associated with it and the food and it is just, well my absolutely favorite time of the year.

See there is pumpkin and apples…along with apple picking…the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg, warm apple cider, hot chocolate, the cool crisp air that just begs you to get outdoors and enjoy the day. Yes I do LOVE fall!

But you really could not tell could you?

I started my day at the gym and walked for 20 minutes after working out on the machines strength training. I just cannot tell you how good it feels to be working out again. I did not realize just how much I missed it until I went back. It is just sooo good. I feel energetic after I am done and I am in a good mood and love the feeling of accomplishing my goals.

The confidence is definitely building. I know everyday will not feel this way but I will take everyday I can feeling like I am on top of the world! Invincible!

I am smiling more and feeling good about my decisions I make regarding what to fuel my body with and getting more and more active each day. I forget I am only a little over 2 months out from surgery. I even forget at times that I had surgery…that is until I eat something. I am so very thankful I have been complication free. I know there is always that possibility and you never really are free from the possibility, but that is ok I accepted that risk and weighed it against the alternative. It’s all good!

I am out to enjoy the remainder of this beautiful day and I hope you do as well. Thank you for following me on this amazing journey I am on. It’s so much better with company.

Until next time…


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Feeling Like Fall

I LOVE pumpkin! It is one of my favorite things during fall. I look forward to pumpkin pie soon too!

In honor of the fall like weather we have had here in New England I decided to try making a Pumpkin Pie Latte! It turned out….

I will let you know but first the ingredients:

  • 4oz. almond plus milk
  • 1/3c. pumpkin
  • 1T Torani vanilla(SF)
  • 1/2T pumpkin pie spice
  • 2 scoops Click Vanilla Latte
  • ice

Place all liquids in blender followed by pumpkin then spice and click. Finally add a handful of ice. Blend low until mixed then on high to crush the ice. If it seems too thick add about 2oz water and continue blending.

How was it?

Oh it hit the spot!! It was really good! The next venture will be a hot version to warm me up on a COLD morning.

Until next time…enjoy!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Was It Worth It?

What a fantastic day! Mine began with an awesome workout at the gym! How did yours begin?
Each day I am feeling stronger and more confident. The “new” me seems to be emerging ever so slowly and I am really enjoying it.
I went out and explored nature!
I was out there with my kids, walking, exploring, having a great time and it felt so good! This alone makes the decision I made to have surgery all worth it!
To be loving life and enjoying it again!
Until next time…

Thursday, September 13, 2012


What a beautiful morning here on the coast of Maine!

Youngest is better and back at school…yay! That is on both accounts.

Slowly I am getting back in the swing of the gym. It is hard to get that habit going strong, but I WILL do it.

It is 10 weeks since my surgery and I am down 52 pounds in those 10 weeks. I lost 3 this week which put me over that 50 pound mark! =) I am totally thrilled about this.

Some things that have been happening though is my hair is really thinning. This is totally normal and fully expected to happen due to the surgery. It should stop and begin regrowth in a couple months. I am also experiencing quite a bit of dry skin. I am working on combatting this because I usually get dry skin in the winter so do not want it getting unmanageable.

I really hate that even with 50 pounds off it is not really that noticeable. I am also still 25 pounds away from the lowest point I hit before. The dreaded “set” weight that my body just did not want to move from.

I also fully expect for the scale to not show much progress as I get to the gym more and more with the muscle I will be building. I am doing slow strength training, utilizing my muscles in slow intentional movements. This is supposed to engage your muscles to the point of exhaustion…and it does. Low reps, high weight.

Until next time…


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thank You

Good morning you lovely people!

Today I am wearing a turtleneck…it is a bit on the chilly side here this morning.

After a fantastic up building weekend my youngest has come down sick. =( He stayed home from school yesterday and is home with me today too…snuggling next to me watching River Monsters.

Yesterday I had two young'uns home because this one got her bottom pallet expander on as well as her bottom braces…

Needless to say she is not a happy camper with a mouth full of metal. It’s looking like next month she will get her top braces and the appliance that will connect the top and bottom pallet expanders so they work together. She went to school today but I am expecting to get a call to get her early.

With all this there has not been gym time for me! =( I too this morning am nursing a sore throat and have been sneezing and coughing. SIGH

So I am being the momma and am nursing this whatever I have going on as well…but I AM taking care of me…after all if I do not, well who will take care of those I love?

Thank you too for all of YOU!

Until next time…


Monday, September 3, 2012


Good morning all you wonderful people!

It’s a new day…a new week…a new month!

It’s just 2 days until my 2 month surgiversary!

It is wild!

I have read it being described as a rollercoaster and it is. Emotions, things catching up, the scale downs and stalls, the morphing of your body. It is really crazy.

I have hit a point now where the clothes I have been wearing are getting a bit big but I am not able to quite fit into the next smaller set of clothes I have and well I refuse to spend any money right now on clothes. I have a LOT that do not yet fit and just cannot justify the money…even from GW Boutique(Goodwill). So I will just keep wearing what I am and periodically trying on the smaller sizes.

The other day someone made the comment to me that they would love to get their hair cut short but that they “hide” behind the excess hair. You know I think they are right…hit a chord within me. I too felt that way and honestly if my hair had not gotten sooooo dry and unmanageable I probably would not have taken that step yet either. It was really two-fold. First and foremost was he unmanageability but then on my way to the salon I was thinking I need to feel good about me during the process not just the end result. Feeling good during will help spur me onto continue my quest!

Whatcha think…

Until next time…


Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Good morning!!!

I have been doing a little reading this past week and I wanted to share some of the inspirational people I read about…

Things with me have been good. I feel like I am losing soooo slow but when I look at the big picture it does not look that way. I know I am just getting impatient but then I step back and look at what I am doing.

My choices of what to eat have been really good.

The choice to be more active daily is a regular occurrence now.

I am definitely happier.

I am also less stressed.

So when you look at those things, I really cannot complain. Things are definitely moving in the right direction.

Share with me something that inspires you?

Until next time…


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Win Some Lose Some

A fabulous day friends!!

Things here are going day by day and there are good days…most are…there are bad days like last night.

I tried to marinade my chicken in a marinade I have used for a long time. It did not go so well. I had already had a bad headache most of the day and the marinade just pushed me over the edge. I did not dump, however I did lose my dinner.

This morning however is much better thankfully.

This is truly all a new way of eating and thinking about food. It’s all a learning process. Learning what my new stomach will tolerate, what it will not. What I have a taste for has even changed. I tried some spinach last week…I absolutely love(d) spinach…I however gagged as soon as I put it in my mouth! I just could not take the texture or the taste!! I was dumbfounded!! I mean I ate and loved eating spinach. We had it at least 3-4 times a week. Now the thought of it makes me wanna hurl!

I have been told this can and usually does change as time goes by. I hope so.

This evening I am trying shrimp. Hoping it goes well. =)

My water and protein levels have been awesome. Protein has been a minimum of 70g. and water has been a minimum of 64 oz.

I was reading Mizfit’s blog and got S.L.A.P.ed…

Until next time…


Friday, August 10, 2012


A fantastic morning all!There are pirates here in these parts!

We have the Bounty visiting our harbor this weekend and we were hoping to be able to take a tour…BUT they were not giving tours when we were there…maybe this weekend.

I have been doing really good with water and protein and have stepped up my steps. I find it just so redundant to keep saying the same things over and over so will update as I see a difference or have things to share…like a recipe.

How about one today?

Trish’s High Protein Pudding

  • 2 scoops protein powder
  • 2 c skim milk

1 pkg. Chocolate Sugar-Free Fat free Pudding

Place milk and protein powder in blender. Blend. Add pudding mix and blend again until blended well. Pour into 4 glasses and chill. Enjoy!

Makes 4 servings

Thanks so much for stopping by…I appreciate it sooo much.

Until next time…


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Visit To The ER

Good morning!

It is a wild and whacky Wednesday here. Had a headache Monday and Tuesday...not certain why. THEN on top of that my oldest... 17 years old male...had a BMX biking accident and we wound up on the ER last night around 6.

It happened to be REALLY busy, so much do I needed to go get my younger 2 from my gal pal Val's place AND pick Kevin up from work. This was now 8:45pm.

That's what I did just as he finally got taken back. I spoke with his nurse...signed consent forms and let them know his Dad would be returning to remain with him until it was determined the extent of his injuries.

Soooo I got home, got my youngest to bed and then took Tylenol PM to help with headache AND to be able to sleep. And sleep I did! This morning when I woke...headache was gone!! Yay!

It turns out 17year old has a severely sprained elbow! He has to keep it in a sling, iced, warm soaks and pain killers. Then he needs to see an orthopedic surgeon next Wednesday to follow up and see what therapy he needs to do to get it all fixed up!! Teenage boys!! Ugh!

He is nasty on pain killers!! Man, glad it knocks him out after about 15 minutes. Otherwise life here would not be pretty...for him!! ;-)

How have my numbers been:

Monday~ 72oz. Water

95g. Protein

Tuesday ~ 48oz. Water

77g. Protein

Pretty good.

Today, will be good...I'm going to make sure of it!

You are the best supporters ever!!! Thank you.

Until next time...


Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend WrapUp

Good morning!!

Pretty much the whole weekend was good all around.

The past end of week & weekend’s numbers were:

Sunday: 64oz water, 95g. protein

Saturday: 48 oz. water, 71g. protein

Friday: 80oz. water, 76g. protein

Thursday: 64oz. water, 106g. protein

Going pretty good in my humble opinion.

Tonight the kids an I are going to a local street fair. I really look forward to it and hope to step out of my comfort zone again.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting…you are great!

Until next time…


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What I am Loving Right Now

Hello. Hello. Hello.

I have a daily goal of getting in between 40 and 70g. of protein.

To find things high in protein and not horrendous in calories or size can be difficult unless you know where to look.

I have liked Chobani Greek yogurt for sometime now but did not realize the protein punch it carries! Fifteen grams of fiber in this package! That for me is awesome!

Click! Oh how I love thee! Even though I can only have decaf for now, I still enjoy each and every last drop and with 15grams in 2 scoops it makes it that much sweeter for me!

Now there is…TUNA!! MMMMM. I looked forward so much to having tuna salad again and I do have it almost everyday! It IS that good. I add Kraft low-fat mayo or Newman’s pineapple salsa to it. Either way it is delish! Sixteen grams of protein goodness here.

Oh and PB2! Yowsers! I add this to a chocolate protein shake and it is just like a PB cup in a jar!!! MMMM

I love peanut butter BUT it is high in fat. Now as an occasional treat I use this. Though low in fat it does only have 5 grams of protein per 2 tablespoons so it is not a protein powerhouse BUT it is a great addition to a protein shake for not too much added calories or fat.

My numbers from yesterday are…

82g. protein!

96oz  water!

Pretty good if I say so myself!

Tell me …what are some things YOU are loving right now?

Until next time…


Monday, July 30, 2012

The Fog

Good morning!

It is a great morning.

I began my morning walking today. It was VERY foggy...

But it felt great.

This past weekend we took the kids to see...

The latest Ice Age movie. They had a good time, enjoyed the movie. They had some friends meet us there. I, however, had another learning experience.

I. Must. Chew. My. Food. Well!

Yep, right in the theatre I lost my lunch. Thankfully I eat like 1/3 of a cup of food AND my husband finished his drink or it could have been a lot worse. No one knew it happened, except hubs because I needed his cup.

So another lesson learned here along my journey. Eat slow. Chew well!

Yes we...I...was told this, but until you...I...go through this it did not sink in completely...with me. Actually both times I thought I WAS eating slow enough AND chewing enough.

After the movie I decided I needed to walk. I asked hubs to go meet me at the footbridge...That's actually where I walked this morning...because I wanted to walk to the water, along Front St. and to the footbridge. It was a nice walk, about a mile. I proud of myself.

I am wanting and needing to get more active and know I still have limitations. I can't lift over 10 pounds still. I'm not a fan of walking, find it on the boring side, but am looking for places that I may enjoy walking.

I'd like to eventually get back into a gym too. Just not sure when that will happen. Until then I'm looking for home workouts I can do and am open for suggestions and ideas. I've got to keep it new or I get bored. I know I'm difficult. But that's me. Take it or leave it.

Been doing fairly good with protein and water.

Yesterday's numbers were:

64oz. Water

60g. Protein

I FINALLY took my measurements this morning and left the measuring tape in my bathroom next to the scale. This way I will remember to do that regularly as well.

Do you find it beneficial to measure along with weighing yourself?

Thank you to all of you for following my journey. It helps having others along the way.

Until next time...


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hi everyone.

Hope you are all doing well.

So I'm a bit on the frustrated side this morning. I got on the scale. It has NOT moved. What's the deal?!

I'm not just frustrated, but mad and irritated and a bit scared. I mean I am only approaching 3 weeks since surgery so is this normal? Or am I already hitting a point where my body is saying "um nope no more losing, you are done". It can't be. I can't be done. I'm sooooo far from where I need to be.


Ok rant over.

What did the numbers look like yesterday?

58g. Protein
64oz. Water
Those numbers look good at least.

I'm going to email my dietician today and get her input. Just need to check and make sure I'm doing what I should be. Make sure my numbers are where they should be.

Thank you for listening to me gripe this morning. I really needed to vent. You are great and I appreciate your continued support and encouragement. It really helps... A lot!

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hey everyone.

Oh I learned a hard lesson yesterday.

I. Need. To. Eat.


At dinner I was in a hurry and the kids were clamoring as kids will do and I ate way to quick. The results were not pretty and I'm still feeling it a bit today.
I do not ever want to feel that way again. Ever. It was painful and my body quickly let me know I had done something very wrong.

How did my numbers turn out?
54g. Protein
56oz. Water

I think I actually had more water than that but forgot to track it so I will go with what I tracked.

Food was pretty similar to the day before.

Still working on getting my steps up. I find some days are good, others I am more tired. Today is a day where I am feeling really tired.

Short and sweet today.

Thank you for stopping by and supporting me during this journey. I really really appreciate it and all of you.

Until next time...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

It’s Celtic….Boogie Woogie

Howdy!! What a beautiful weekend we have had!!


It has been an amazing weekend. The weather could not have been more perfect to go to a festival. I'll share pics soon.

I did overdue it a bit yesterday though and paid for it last night. I was so not feeling well. I learned from it and paced myself when we returned to the festival today.

Yesterday's numbers look like this:

50 g. Protein
56 oz. water

I definitely did not drink enough water yesterday with all the walking we did so I know that was a contributor to me not feeling all that great. Lesson learned.

How did the meals go?


1/2 small banana and 2 T. natural peanut butter.


High protein egg salad, carrots and a viactiv chew.


A Boca burger, beets, carrots and a viactiv chew.

It's time I boost my steps so I am trying to remember to add my steps each day and I will add that to my numbers daily as well.

A beautiful end to a perfect weekend.

Thank you for stopping by. You are the best!

Until next time...

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Ah the weekend is here! Good morning!!

It's a bad hair day here. Oh well. :-) Moving on.

Right into yesterday's numbers:

56oz. Water
63g. Protein

Wow. For some reason I thought I was a lot lower there with protein. Awesome.

Here is what I ate...

A scrambled egg with a tablespoon of shredded cheese and 2T. fruit cocktail.

Part of my morning fluids(but not counted in water number) I had a decaf Click Mocha. Mmmm.

Iced of course.


1 oz. ham and 1oz. swiss rolled with beets.


Boca burger with swiss, carrots and beets. My viactiv chew for "dessert".

Relearning hunger/thirsty/full cues is pretty interesting. My eyes definitely betray me. To look at my plate I think I can eat that and more. I can't. This is pretty hard, but I'm working on listening more to what my body is telling me.

I was also given green light to get my buttay out there and walk. Soooo that is my plan. To walk, walk and walk some more!

You guys are the best. I appreciate all the support. Thank you for stopping by.

Until next time...

Friday, July 20, 2012

First Transition

Happy Friday morning!!

Ahh the taste of food is sooo good. I enjoyed tuna salad for lunch and lobster for dinner along with carrots, applesauce and beets. My taste buds are thanking me!!

Let's get right into numbers:

42oz. Water
42g. Protein
Hmm that is weird. Same number for both. Ok do was a little down with both numbers yesterday but I'm ok with that. I'm transitioning over to food.

This weekend, actually beginning tonight, we have a local celebration...The Celtic Festival. There is a 5K associated with it and I'm making it a goal to race it next year. This year I'm though I'm going to walk around it and enjoy the going ons withy kiddos and hubs. My daughter says she's looking forward to some fried dough. Me? Nope. I'm looking forward to the music and seeing the sights.

This transition has been going really well and I'm so thankful for that. I'm also thankful for the support and encouragement from everyone. It feels good. Thank you.

Until next time...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

2 Weeks Post Op WLS

I am officially 2 weeks out from surgery with Dr. Toder at EMMC.

Had my 2 week follow appointments with my dietician and surgeon today.

Thanks for your support and encouragement! You guys are just awesome!

Until next time…


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Good afternoon all.

Been busy this morning. I am love being busy too. Before I used to dread it. Not anymore. In fact the busier the better!

Another thing I am noticing too is I used to DREAD having to go back upstairs for anything. Mainly because my knees hurt sooooooo bad. I am finding my knees do not hurt hardly at all in its getting much easier to take those stairs. A definite NONscale victory for me!!

You know there are so many ways to lose weight. Count calories or carbs, go to a facility such as Nutri System, there is Weight Watchers and the list goes on and on. On that ginormous list is also weight loss surgery.

I have tried soooo many of ways. I have lost. I have plateaued. I have gained. I have lost again. I have tried too many years and I am not getting any younger.

I looked into bariatric surgery very skeptical. I went in with the intent this was NOT going to be for me. It's funny how we THINK we know about something...until we actually begin to research it.

Research I did!! A lot of it.

I asked questions.

I attended weight loss support meetings where they shared very candidly the good, bad and ugly.

I learned a lot.

I saw amazing transformations.

I heard some REALLY scary stories of complications.

I only heard 1 person state they regretted the surgery...she was 1week post-op.

I guess what I'm trying to say is if losing weight were as easy as just eating less, well the weight loss industry would not be multi-billion dollar industry.

I truly admire anyone that looses matter how they do it because there is truly no easy way to do it. It's hard work. And yes even having weight loss surgery is hard. It certainly is NOT the easy way out. It's a tool and we can choose to use it or abuse it just like any other tool.

We are all in this together and really shouldn't we just try to encourage each other? No matter how we have decided to go about our journeys. After all it is a personal decision and what might be the right choice for one person will not be for another. Only we can make that decision for ourselves.

Thanks for reading and encouraging me. I appreciate each and everyone of you.
Until next time...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Taking It In Stride


It's so foggy today. But at least the temperature is cooled a bit. For that I'm thankful.

Taking things in stride. The bumps as they come. All is well in my recovery, it's life right now with the whole rental situation, dealing with my 17 almost 18 year old and him spreading his wings and wanting to do more with my kids all around and being penned in a bit. All this will work itself out. I know it will. Thus taking things in stride.

I got the go ahead to add PB2 or 2in. banana to my protein shakes to give me just a little more variety as I await the transition to chewing food. :-)

So with that bit if addition I made myself a awesome tasting shake.

4 oz. almond milk plus

2T PB2

1 scoop Unjury chocolate splendor

I whirled it all in my vitamix adding a few pieces of ice and viola!! A PB cup shake!!!!!

Next up will be a banana concoction. Just enough variety to hold me over until Thursday!!!

Yesterday's numbers:

52oz. Water
54g. Protein
I'm really happy with how I'm doing.

Thank you for following along and all your continued support and cheering on. I appreciate it more than you could ever imagine.

Until next time...

Monday, July 16, 2012


Good morning!!

We have a flea problem!!! Uuggghh all of a sudden. We have had cats for 3 years and have never had any issues with them. Our cats are indoor cats, never go outside. I cannot tell you how frustrated I am about this.


Things in the recovery area are...well doing great! No different, thankfully. Counting my days until Thursday when I see my dietician though. :-)

Intake yesterday was...

64oz. Water

51g. Protein

So I'd say I'm doing really well and I am very thankful for that.

Until next time...

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Good afternoon friends!

Busy morning around here as usual. But that's good because that means we are doing what we should.

Things are going well other than I'm really really getting tired of just drinking shakes. I'm am so ready to taste food again. It's a little weird because I'm not hungry, I'm just wanting new tastes and to chew something.

I hope I NEVER have to do this part ever again. The whole shakes only thing for any reason at all.

I told my husband on Thursday when we go see my dietician that I'm bringing my lunch. I'll bring a shake too just to be on the safe side but I'm making tuna and brining it and applesauce with me! I seriously want to eat!! :-)

Yesterday's numbers look like this...

64oz. Water

78g. Protein

Doing pretty good there. Getting it down, no nausea. I am feeling more awake. Which I'm really happy about. I'm also beginning to feel a lot more energetic, not where I'd like to be but definitely better than I was.

I'm so happy how things are progressing and that they are doing so relatively quick. It makes me excited about what lies ahead.

Thanks for stopping by I really do appreciate it.
Until next time...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chew Chew Chew

Its a great day!

So it was a LONG day yesterday. After my doctors appointment the kiddos and I went to Wal-mart to pick up a few things before heading home. It was a nice day though. Hot but that's ok. After all it is summer and I plan on enjoying it as long as I can. Just wish I could go swimming. Soon though.

The bottom line with my surgeons appointment is it is pooled Blood from surgery that's just making its way to the surface. Whew. So glad.

This morning the kids have been running being kids. We have a home to go and look at today BUT it's in a different school district and I'm just not sure I want to change the kids schools. We'll see.

Talking with my surgeon also reassured me that it is awesome that I'm getting all my fluids and protein in. I know I'm crazy to worthy about it.

Nothing else new to report. Although, I DO so look forward to seeing my dietician Thursday. I want to CHEW!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Until next time...

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Surgeon I Will Go

A fantastic day to you all.

Today I am going to see my surgeon. I've got some red markings around my belly button that are not going away but getting bigger.

I'm sure I'm overreacting and it's just bruising showing up but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Yesterday I had a bit of a headache all day. I am pretty certain I was not dehydrated but probably not hydrated enough. So today I started out with 16 oz. of water then I'll have my shake breakfast.

My intake yesterday was not bad at all.

40oz. Water

71g. Protein

I was shocked to see all the protein I got in just between 3 shakes.

Other than this mysterious redness another positive day in the life of being a post-op.

I'll update after I get home as to what Dr. Toder has to say.

Thanks so much for following me in this journey. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Six Days Already?

Hello world.

I am relaxing. I promise. It's driving me a bit crazy though. I hate feeling lazy and not accomplishing anything.

I have my water.

I'm sipping away.

I have my phone AKA bell...intercom.

That way I can get my children's attention if need be.

I have my laptop.

To keep my mind busy.

Yesterday was not bad. I rested. I walked a bit. I sipped all day.

54oz. of water

60g. of protein

Oh yes!!

Had a follow up call from my nurse and I had been concerned I was getting all my protein in. I mean I have heard and read about so many that cannot. She told me not to worry that it is awesome that I can. Whew!

Crazy right. Worried because I can get my protein AND fluids in.

So I'm happy to report at 6 days post-op I'm doing GREAT!!

Tomorrow I'll be doing a video review/update at a week.

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing my journey. I love the company.

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Little Over the Edge

Good late morning all.

I'm still in bed this morning though have been up to take a shower have my breakfast and have begun sipping my water.

After yesterday's bit of a fiasco with my kiddies all deciding they were going to fight amongst each other not allowing Mom to rest I laid down the law!

Mom MUST be at the top of her priority list to heal. This means you need to work harder at getting along AND stepping up with the chores.

Dad is now on board and the kids will do their best I know.

Emotions here are high as we just found out(while I was in the hospital) our rent in increasing by 25% beginning in September AND in the same notice we received a bill for our portion of the heat for the last 10 months. Would have been great had they billed us monthly as I have no clue what we are going to do about this.

So with this news the kids are upset because we are looking to move. We have been good tenants always paying our rent on time, never complaining when things are not done right... Like our lawn that has not been really adequately done in almost 2 years. We follow up behind them and weed whack. The lawn is included in our rent. So see what not complaining gets us? Do I sound a bit sarcastic??! You bet I am. I am working through it.

So we can't afford the increase. We can't exactly afford to move. This is why emotions are higher than normal.

Ok rant over. I know something will come along.

Back to how I am doing.

I was able to get 48 oz. of water and 46g. of protein in yesterday. Not having to much if an issue there thankfully!!

My daughters cat Mimi has decided to join me in my relaxation...

Of course it seems like she's ALWAYS relaxing!!

Thanks for stopping by and hope your day goes well.

Until next time...

Monday, July 9, 2012

A New Week

Well hello there.

So here we are at a new week.

Yesterday I was able to get in 43g. of protein and 52 oz. of water!!

Today I'm working on my first 16 oz. of water.

For todays concoction I mixed  protein....With 4 oz. of Ocean Spray Cranberry Pomegranate juice.

It was pretty tasty.

No real hunger pain but the head hunger is creeping up on me a little.

I am pretty tired.

I get up to do a little something and I get totally wiped out. I guess that is to be expected though.

My incisions are healing nicely, though the bruising looks horrible. That too will be gone before long.

I've not stepped on the scale and do not plan on it until my 2 week follow up on the 19th. Then we shall see how we are doing.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Going Home

Good morning!!!


I am getting ready to go home today. Dr. Toder said I can advance to phase 2! That is the liquid protein diet I had been on the 2 weeks prior to surgery. Big difference this time around though. That hunger hormone ghrelin is not present so it's just the head hunger I will have to fight with.


So I am sip, sip, sipping. Waiting to be discharged.

And still walking…


Onto the next day.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time...


Friday, July 6, 2012


Good morning folks.

All went well with my surgery and I made it through my first day. No food or water for me all day. That was the worst having a parched mouth. Don't worry I did not get dehydrated because I have this...


Hooked up pumping me full of fluids!!!

And I get this…


I got up and was able to walk and walk and walk!

Today I have progressed to one of these...


Every hour. It's still progress right? Absolutely.

I do not have to much pain, mostly gas that I have not yet been able to get rid of. Burping a little but that's about it.

Tomorrow I get to advance to the liquid protein diet I was on the past two weeks.

So all in all I feel pretty good and look forward to each stage progression.

I just have to say before I go, the care here at EMMC has been awesome! The staff is top notch and are right on top of everything.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Until next time...


Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Final Countdown

Yes this is what is currently going through my head. I grew up when Europe was on the radio and this song has been running through my head.

I am now in the final stretch and emotions are going a bit crazy. I have had a slip up each day for the past 2 and I reached out to some online weight loss surgery support groups and they were a great help. Some ideas to cope with this head hunger that is driving me nuts.

So as the day comes to an end and a new week begins tomorrow I am ready to get this show on the road in a manner of speaking.

I think I have all I will need for my stay at the hospital…my other-in-law will be here for our kids so Kevin can be with me at the hospital during surgery and recovery in the hospital.

I am ready to just get through this next week…month to start moving on to working on my goals and getting this weight off and become the more active Mom I know I will be.

Sip sip sip

Until next time…


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Off Kilter

I am currently on my pre-op diet for surgery next Thursday and the first week went pretty good no issues. Yesterday was a really bad day for me. I had not slept too good the past 2 nights… so that was against me. I think my hormones are beginning to get off kilter a bit…so that was against me. The to top it all off my husband is now having issues at work…issues that when he takes the time off for me to have surgery he may be put on final notice!


Guess what I am a stress eater and well that pushed me  over the edge.

I ate!!

  • I had some pepperoni.
  • I had some salami
  • I had some cheese
  • I had a couple of bites of the cube steak I made for dinner for my family
  • I had a handful of chocolate chips
  • I had a giant glass of skim milk(this was not so bad as it is actually on the list of foods I can eat right now)

I was so angry with myself!

I am, however, human. If I beat myself up over this it is just going to get worse. So I made the choice to stop right there! I went and took a shower and got ready for bed. I did need a little extra sleep because I really was over tired plus it would keep me out of the kitchen. So that is what I did.

I am still pretty upset with myself but I also forgive myself and am moving on.

Today I have been right on track and my body is, well letting me know about the mistake I made and I think I will remember to not to that again.

Today my mood is better. I slept well and I am positive and bright.

Today makes it only 4 days until surgery and I am a world wind of emotions…some good…some not so good.

Until next time…


Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The time for surgery is getting closer and I am anxious.

Anxious in a good way though.

Last night Kevin and I went to a WLS support meeting and it was great. One of the surgeons came in and took questions for a bit and thought I did not hear anything new, it was good to hear it again.

I also saw one of the woman who was just a month out of surgery when I first went to one of these meeting last June who had lost quite a bit already. I barely recognized her! She had lost 188 pounds in 13 months! Holy cow! She was tiny! Seriously! Seeing her before I NEVER would have imagined she would be this small. It really gave me reason to pause and reflect on what I can accomplish using this tool I am being blessed with.

The subject of loose skin came up and really it is what it is. I allowed my weight to get out of hand so what should I expect. I will do my best to build muscle and tone as I go. . The facts are I have had 3 children, all via c-sections and have had this excess weight for a long time. My skin has taken a beating. After I reach my goal weight I will revisit the whole looking into plastic surgery thing. Until then my focus is on loosing weight and getting healthy and a LOT more active.

Until next time…


Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Bucket List

The other day, I started thinking about the little things I look forward to.

That is when I realized that with the small amount of weight I have lost so far that my knees are not hurting as much. This is a HUGE victory for me because I was getting really concerned I would hurt myself and lay me up during the “honeymoon” phase of my upcoming journey.

I mean to do any kind of walking for exercise was soo very painful. Just standing up would hurt. That is when I read this…

"Our results indicate that each pound of weight lost will result in a 4-fold reduction in the load exerted on the knee per step during daily activities," wrote lead researcher Dr. Stephen P. Messier and colleagues. "Accumulated over thousands of steps per day, a reduction of this magnitude would appear to be clinically meaningful."

So in effect every pound I lose reduces the pressure by 4 pounds. No wonder my knees are starting to feel better. That is truly motivating!

I also stepped on the scale this morning and it is moving down!! Yaya! That is what I am aiming for.

So this about the little things though. The things so many really do not even think about. What am I referring to?

Well things like these:

  • sitting comfortably in theatre seats
  • not being out of breath walking up the stairs
  • having better balance
  • playing on my Wii again
  • dancing
  • enjoying clothes shopping
  • not embarrassing my daughter(not really such a little thing!)
  • playing with the kids outside
  • taking up only 1 cushion on the couch
  • fitting in the seat at the eye doctors
  • being able to sit in our outdoor chairs again

So you see the list really can and will go on…the little things that as the weight comes off I will be celebrating. Even if it is just me giving myself a high 5!

Thank you for visiting!

Until next time…


23 days before surgery

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Twas The Night Before Surgery

Twas The Night Before Surgery

'Twas the night before surgery,
when all through my gut
not a morsel was stirring,
not even a nut.

The suitcase was packed
by the back door with care,
in hopes that a new me
would soon return there.

I lay nestled, snug in my bed
while visions of calories
danced in my head;

And me in my plus size
pajamas and wrap,
had just settled in
for a long restless nap.

When deep in my mind
there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my dreams
to see what was the matter.

Away to my fridge
I flew like a flash,
ripped open the door
and drooled at the stash.

The moonlight reflecting
off the beautiful snacks
gave a luster of radiance
to all on the racks.

When, what to my
wondering eyes should appear,
but an array of the comfort foods
I hold so dear.

With a familiar feeling
of all those I'd pick,
I thought in a moment
I just might be sick.

More lovely than angels
their voices they came,
and they whistled and shouted
and called me by name;

"Now pizza, now french fries,
now chocolate galore
on cheescake, on ice cream,
on donuts and more!"

From the tip of my tongue,
to the bottom of my toe,
I will miss you all more
than ever you'll know.

As an addict that shakes
and stirs as he sits,
I'll mourn the loss
of my delectable hits.

So back to my bed
I went with great haste,
and settled back down
with nary a taste.

And then in an instant,
in pre-op I sat,
nervously waiting
to no longer be fat.

As I sat deep in thought
and adjusted my gown,
in came my surgeon
in one single bound.

He was dressed all in scrubs,
from his head to his feet
and he seemed very calm
as he eyed me like meat.

He looked at my chart,
with his scope gave a listen;
I don't think he noticed
my eyes start to glisten.

He was chubby and plump
he could lose some himself,
and I laughed when I saw him
in spite of myself.

A wink of his eye
and a twist of his head,
soon gave me to know
I had nothing to dread.

He spoke barely a word
as he prepped for his work,
he paused for a moment,
then turned with a jerk.

And laying a finger
aside of his face,
and giving a nod,
out of the room he did race.

He checked in the next day,
to his students gave a whistle,
and away they all flew
like a down of a thistle.

But I heard him exclaim
as he walked out of sight,
"speedy thinness to you
and a healthier life!"
-- Author Unknown

Monday, June 18, 2012

It’s A Great Time…


Before Kev and I had kids we fished…. A LOT! Of course we lived in Florida…on the coast so why not? Right.

Last week we took the plunge and bought all 5 of us fishing gear. We are trying to become a more active … outside … type of family.

This is a first step.

The next step is bikes!

The kids were so happy!!!

We have been fishing almost nightly and pretty much just practicing our casting. That is ok though because we needed it.

That is until Saturday when my husband and 2 younger kids actually caught 4 mackerel! They came home sooo excited…fired up the grill and had them fresh. It was awesome seeing them so excited about eating fish…they caught. I have never had mackerel, but they said it was yummy.

I wish I had been with them…to have seen their faces but I will definitely get my opportunity. I do love fishing and look forward to doing it more and more with my family.

The time for my surgery is getting ever closer and I am sooo looking forward to it. Call me crazy! I just want to feel good…to have more energy.

Until next time…


Monday, June 11, 2012


That is the word I thought of when my daughter came home and announced she would be singing in her schools band fundraiser “The Coffee House”.

Not only was she going to sing but she was doing it acapella!


Watching her…smiling from ear to ear…I was so happy for her to have that kind of strength, I realized if she can do this I can certainly let go of the fear of losing weight in order to be here to see more of her courage.

I have been aware of this fear for a bit and know I am not alone in this. That fact though if I allow myself to think too much about it I get panicked, so I just try to not think of it too much and just take it one day moment by moment.

This is a work in progress and I am moving forward…step by step.

Until next time…


Friday, June 8, 2012


Last month the family and I went to a beautiful spot to go for a walk.

The walk was 0.8 miles out to the light house so 1.6 miles round trip.

I did not get to the Light House.

I got a little bit out there and then my hip started hurting and I was panicked I’d get too far and then get stuck! No way to get back to shore.

So I said good bye to my husband and son (my older son and daughter had already run ahead) and turned back towards shore.

This was so hard because I knew it was going to be disappointing to my husband and as I turned around the tears just flowed. Knowing he would be and was disappointed I was not able to go with him.

It was during my walk alone back to shore and the time alone sitting on the bench waiting for my family to rejoin me that I had a lot of time to think.

To ponder and be alone with my thoughts.

What I had realized was this was actually a victory for me.

No I did not make it to the Light House.

No I did not even make it halfway. BUT I DID go.

I DID walk a bit.

I attempted at least something instead of completely sitting on the sidelines watching and doing NOTHING!

At that moment I let go of the feelings of my husband and owned my own. I did not allow someone else to dictate how I felt, instead the feeling of happiness that I did make progress…however small in someone else's eyes was a triumph to me.

It’s the positive that help us keep going. It’s the negative that hold us down and back.

That too is when it hit me that I had been seeing myself through the eyes of disappointment in others that love me but truly have no emotional clue about what it feels like to be me. An active person inside trapped in this body.

I can beat myself up enough all by myself without the help of looking through someone else’s eyes and seeing nothing but the negative. This will be hard but was going to be a goal of mine. To instead embrace the positive changes I am making no matter how small.

So I will conquer you…The Breakwater…someday. Yes I will. I will walk and beat you. But until then I will take each challenge as it comes, working my hardest to conquer you.

Until next time…


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Times A Tickin’

ok I have tried this post now 3 times!!

So anyway I am sooo very excited about my upcoming surgery.

It is getting closer.

I have been getting ready BECAUSE the time is rapidly approaching. I ordered 4 canisters of Unjury protein powder in Chocolate Classic, Strawberry Sorbet, Unflavored and Chicken Soup.

Then I hopped on over to the CLICK site and pre-ordered the new decaf version they will have ready to ship on June 18th. I hope it comes pretty quick, I’d love to be able to drink it during my pre-op diet phase. If not I also ordered the Vanilla Latte and Mocha in regular and can have that at least the first week of my 3 week pre-op…which I begin next Thursday!!!!! Oh my!

AND I won some CLICK too via their Facebook page! I am just more than thrilled!!!!

Oh and I keep forgetting to tell you! I have finally gotten a Vitamix!!!! I have waited for soooo long and I finally got one! I have used it a handful of times and am positive I will be using it A LOT come my new lifestyle I am transforming to.

Until next time…


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Date Has Arrived!



I have been sitting here just mulling things from this past weekend, catching up on some studying and I get a call from my primary insurance carrier that they have given me the green light for surgery!!!


Then I was going to call my Surgeon’s office to see if I could get a date set even though I had not heard back from my secondary yet BUT decided I would be patient(after all it is a fruitage I am working on).

I went about my daily business, continuing to catch up on things…you know laundry, dishes, basic cleaning.

The phone rings again…it is Candy…the scheduler from my surgeons office!!


She is calling ME!

After Aetna called her she was able to check my secondary insurances website to see if the approval had come through.(Something I can’t do I don’t think, maybe I can I am really not 100% sure BUT it does not matter anyway now) It DID!! So both insurance companies have given the green light and she was calling me with a date!! Or rather she was calling me to schedule THE date!

Can you believe it!? This time around things have seemed to have gone so smoothly…no bumps and QUICK too!

So the date is…

Are you ready for this???

July 5th!!!!

Exactly one month from today I get to receive a tool to help me in this journey I have been on most of my life but definitely ALL of my adult life!

I read about some very successful people who have had the surgery. I also read about some that have had complications. Some who have had a bit of regain. Others who are in the process still. Yet still more that have not only been successful but have completely changed their lives.

I know it is NOT going to be easy. I know there WILL be negative nelly’s that pop up. I know there is the possibility of complications. BUT…I am running…yes running into this with my eyes wide open and I am thrilled, excited and thankful I have been given another chance.

I am still not ready though to share this wonderful news with any in my real life… I know I will…eventually, just not yet.

Until next time…


Monday, June 4, 2012

So Many Choices

The past 5 days have really been such a mixture of emotions.

On one hand internally I was so up built…spiritually up built.

On the other I was in agony.

I so enjoyed the close family time, but hate the impending feeling of being an embarrassment.

A rollercoaster really I guess you could say. Now I am home though and ready to press on. Ready to find my motivation to:

  • step on that scale daily
  • to track my food each day
  • plan it in advance
  • walk each day and build more and more time each day
  • work on being firm but kind to myself

The next time I go clothes shopping I want it to be fun and not bring me to tears.

Speaking of clothes I won a beautiful dress last week and it is on it’s way. Of course I ordered so it would not fit me now BUT will eventually. I plan on hanging it up in my bedroom for motivation to help me keep strong.

I know this is it for me. I will make a difference.

Until next time…


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Not What I Want


In pain.



Yep that is physically how I felt today.

I am attending a convention I do every year and I can see a vast decline in my health and how I can handle things. I am so upset at how much harder and challenging things were…are here! I am having major issues with the stairs, my hip is out, my back hurts as well as my feet!

No more!

I so am looking forward to next month. I know it will not be easy. I know it is going to be hard and challenging but I also know the payoff will be so worth it! The boost and tool I really need and want!

I cannot wait to be on the other side of this surgery. To be on the mend and my poor joints getting a break from all this weight they are currently carrying around.

I know this will be better… I just need to keep focused on what I need to do right now to have a safe surgery.

Until next time…


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Are You Kind…To Yourself?

I have not been.

I beat myself up emotionally and that needs to stop and stop right now. I would NEVER say the things to those I love that I say to myself in my head! I just would not dream of it. SO why do I say horrible and mean things to myself?!

I feel like I am not worthy and though an imperfect individual God even shows so much more kindness to me than I do and how horrible is that? I mean all I have is a gift from God and I have not treated it kindly…not at all.

I am certainly not showing love and caring for this body he gave me. Instead I have ignored and abused it. It cannot happen anymore.

I have to remember that my time is now and that I want good “dates’ with my children and husband. I know loosing the weight is not a cure all for all that woes me but it will certainly help me feel more confident, have more energy, be more active.

So I will persevere! And work on being kind to myself as I do to others I love.

Until next time…


Monday, May 28, 2012

Be Careful For What You Ask

I really have always tried to keep my posts upbeat and positive. Burying the pain. Yeah I know that’s not good. So where I still feel that way, I need a place to “talk” things out. To release. With that said…if you choose to not read I totally understand.

I found out something today that just totally broke my heart.

I was talking to my daughter about surgery(keeping this close to home this time and not sharing with anyone until later…much later). I have chosen to only tell my immediate family amongst those in my real life. I know I have a couple friends locally that read and I ask you to PLEASE keep this to yourself. The constant asking about the upcoming surgery started to wig me out. So after seeing my surgeon we(my husband, surgeon and myself all agreed I need to keep this close to home here locally.

Anyway I was talking to her and asking how she felt about me having surgery. When I was approaching it back in December she was not wanting me to have it at all. Panicked as a matter of fact.

I figured this was a topic we needed to discuss.

We did.

I found out that I embarrass her. <sigh>

I am so upset.

I am so sad.

She shared with me she hides down aisles when we are at the stores and she sees someone she knows from school.

How did I get here!? How did I allow myself get to the point I embarrass my daughter? Do I embarrass my sons? I know I embarrass my husband so why could THAT knowledge not be enough for me to make a difference?

The difference is definitely within me. Now anyway. I am so wanting this change. I NEED this change. I no longer want to be an embarrassment to anyone I love!

I even felt compelled to ask her if she even wanted me to go see her sing at school tomorrow night. I totally would not go and just watch it on video if it made her feel better. I was happy she still wants me there to see her. I know this is a big thing for her tomorrow night. I look forward to seeing it and sharing it as well.

Until next time…


Thursday, May 10, 2012


Good fabulous morning!

Do you eat fruit? I LOVE fruit! Especially berries and kiwis! Fruit also loves me…and you.

Moderation in everything though. Right?

I mean too much of a good thing can harm us.

Take water…it is essential…vital for life.

BUT too much can kill you.

Such is the balance of life. Always a work in progress.

So here is my outlook.

All things in balance.

One day at a time.


On a side note…I will be tuning into 20/20 this week as Melting Mama will be on being interviewed! It is all on the diet industry and I encourage you too tune in as well. It is on ABC at 10PM here in my area. You can check your local listings so you won’t miss it.

So now tell me..what are some of your favorite fruits?

Will you be tuning into 20/20 tomorrow night?

Have a fantabulous day!

Until next time…


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back & Forth… AGAIN!


All I want is to be at a “normal” weight and BMI and this whole head thing just has to keep getting in the way!!!!!!

Seriously. One day I KNOW surgery is the way for me.

Then an article on how this person or that person lost weight…a lot of weight… catches my eye and I am off again…oh I can do this on my own.

The thing is I can’t.

I have tried.

So many times…so many “diets”. I certainly can loose weight but I never have reached goal…I have ALWAYS gained it back…all of it plus more. Which has brought me to my highest weight yet(366)…ever and I am done!

I know I need to find a way to eat that will sustain me the rest of my life.

I know sugar and simple carbs do NOT like my body…actually it is the other way around…my body doe NOT like them. It rebels…tries to remind me we are not friends, but do I listen? Not usually. I NEED to do this.

Am I trying to talk myself into surgery here? Nope! I talking myself through this. Reasoning on the facts. The proof of my attempts.

I have tried so many different ways of eating…like vegan, flexitarian, raw,  juicing, low fat, low carb and low calories.  I have used programs like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig AND NutriSystem! I have busted butt at the gym.

So where I HAVE learned things about me, I have not been successful in finding a sustainable way to lose the weight AND keep it off, or find myself at goal. As a matter of fact as an adult I have not been able to get below 295 pounds! That is the weight I gave birth to my oldest at 17 years ago and I have NEVER been able to get myself below it. SIGH

Researching weight loss surgery….

I see hope.

Hope of being at a normal and healthy weight and BMI…an active mom…an active wife.

I know all plans work for some people and out there there is a plan for everyone. For me this is the plan I do feel strongly as I research more and more is what is going to be the key to my success…

I am back mentally to where I was about a year ago when I originally decided to go down this road and that too tells me this is right for me.

13 days to go to see Dr. Toder and see what she says about getting my insurance resubmitted for approval of surgery.

One day at a time and breathe!

Until next time…


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bariatric Tools

I have been doing a LOT of reading again. And researching. And ordering of things.

I am in the process of getting things ready for surgery.

I meet with Dr. Toder in 17 days!! My hope is to have  my insurance submitted after that appointment and have a surgery date within a month. Not that my surgery will be within a month but I will hear back yay or nay…then proceed. My guess is I will be approved as I already was. My hopes is a date sometime in July. We shall see and I shall let you know when I do!

I am still looking for different protein drinks…need to try before the 2 week pre-op and 2 week post-op diet officially begins. Any suggestions? What is your fave?

Also on my list I still need to buy are…

  • To help me eat slower…
  • To help with a restful night sleep…
  • To puree food for a few weeks and quick prep meals 

Those are a few things…what else do you think may be helpful? Any ideas?

Until next time…


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Many Roads Lead to Success

Do you ever just feel overwhelmed!?

I do!

I get reading about what this “Dr.” thinks is the only way to lose weight or that person did it and my head just begins to swim! I found myself there last night. A well meaning friend suggested I look into and read a book. She is concerned about me having bariatric surgery. I totally understand.

She posed a question to me that if I have to have certain behaviors after surgery why not just do them now. I have to admit it got me thinking. I could not give her an answer last night…I just had no clue. I read the excerpts on the book she suggested. It was a lot I have heard/read before. Then more questions arose. Ones that completely contradict this Dr./Author.That wonder if I am doing the right thing to have surgery started creeping in again.

Then I realize as I am having the conversation in my head that I AM doing a lot of what I would be doing after surgery BUT the weight is slowly coming off…which has happened in the past so many times. It is so slow I get so discouraged and then I throw in the towel. I know me. I have done it all so to speak and I just am done trying everything else.

  • I know this is not a cure all.
  • I know there is a great loss followed by a slingback of some of the weight.
  • I know no matter HOW we lose weight, regain is ALWAYS a possibility.
  • If you lose weight via counting calories or carbs, follow Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri-system, Slim Fast or any number of diets out there you CAN regain weight.
  • They are all tools. All of them. We as individuals need to find what will work for us.
  • Some find it right off.
  • Others…like me…have to continue to hunt until we do find a solution we can work with. That will work for us.
  • Do I know absolutely surgery is going to work? Of course not.
  • Does anyone? Nope. Again it is JUST a tool! I still need to do the work.

I enjoy reading of other people’s successes and I love cheering others along on the journey…no matter the course they have chosen. It is a personal decision. One each of us need to live with and work within. While I read each persons journey through the various routes…that is when I am reminded these are tools and all have the potential to lose their effectiveness. We have that potential to stop using them resulting in a weight regain.

So no matter our road we decide to travel down, we are all looking to succeed.

Until next time…


Monday, April 23, 2012


I was good, feeling good…then I got REALLY sick! So much I ended up in the ER on Saturday in so much pain. After ruling out pneumonia…thankfully… it was determined I have a sever case of sinusitis. UGH! OK. I was sent home with a steroid to help open my breathe way and antibiotic for the infection. I am 3 days on meds and finally the pain is manageable.

We are moving on…

Today at Weight Watchers I weighed in and….

lost 3.6 pounds!

I was so surprised…happily so. I was prepared for a gain. It was ironic to me the meeting topic today was being our own BFF. I was yelling at myself in my head on the way to the meeting how stupid I was for not trying hard to keep track this past week…sick or not.

Well I apologized to me and promised I would work harder at not being so critical of my shortfalls and to just pick myself up and move on.

That is what I am working on. To be nice to myself and to stop the trash talking when I make a mistake. I certainly would not say the things I say to myself to anyone else when they goofed up so why do I do it to me? I am not perfect either.

Backing up a bit…

***I had something that concerned me a little and maybe someone in the WLS community can help me with this…***

With this sinusitis I was in a LOT of pain…I mean rolling around on the floor type of pain. Even though I took 3 Tylenol it barely touched the pain. At the ER they said I should have taken ibuprofen…a NO NO after surgery…instead of the Tylenol. I am susceptible to sinus infections…always have been….so my concern is there has got to be a pain med that would touch the pain that would not endanger harming me after surgery. I really really could use your input here and I will definitely be bringing this up to my doc next month but thought of you…the awesome online bariatric community that you are.

I was getting busy with spring cleaning here at the house…then got sick…and getting things ready for the day when I have surgery. Yes I am forward thinking positive here! =) Making “Mom only zones” in different areas of the kitchen and redoing things for ease. I was on a  good roll too. Bummer I will have to work on getting back in that mode again.

I just LOVE this idea!!!

There we go for an update. How about you? What’s new with you?

Until next time…


“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to keep going that counts.”~Winston Churchill

Monday, April 16, 2012

Holy Cow

Good morning all.

Looks like another great day here in Maine.

I slept in a bit, I know my body needs it because I have a natural internal alarm clock…always have. Up by 6AM at the latest. This morning though I woke at 9:30!! Holy cow! It was a good thing the kids are on school vacation this week. I however do feel a twinge better this morning. No doubt that extra shut eye has helped.

These past few nights I have been having dreams related to weight loss surgery! Crazy! The other night I dreamt I was at goal. What a feeling! Last night I dreamt something related to it as well…it is fading a bit now but it had to do about being in the hospital and it was all good. I did not have any dreams before…even when I had my actual surgery date. In some ways I feel more at ease with the whole idea. It is weird.

Being on weight watchers right now is a very good thing for me for a multitude of reasons. I have transitioned over to the SFT which gets me back to making proper choices. Eating fruits and vegetables, lean protein and fat free dairy. The biggest difference after surgery will be my protein. I am so used to focusing on veggies first but with a limited amount of food I will be able to eat the protein MUST come first….forever.

Because for a short time after canceling my surgery I spiraled for a bit. I need to work my way back. I know I can do it.

I had been drinking soda…already given it up, no biggie there for me.

I had a beer now and again with the Hubs…stopped, all done.

I used a straw…this by far is the hardest for me, but have stopped.

I had been eating out at fast food….this one is still a work in progress BUT focusing on SFT will help immensely here.

I have been drinking fluids with my meals…working on this one.

I bought and had enjoyed gum….no more. I really was not a big gum chewer anyway so we are good here.

I have been guzzling my water….oh this is so bad and I am working on slowing down and sipping all day.

I have stopped paying attention to eating slow…with three kids in the house this is also so hard but I am more aware and working on this again.

I stopped my pre-surgery exercises… I am getting back in the routine of them.

I am ever so slowly working this and I know I will do it. I am doing it!

I will be that person... A healthier version of me.

I will be filling out my victory list daily. Thank you Holly!!

As my blog title states… I Am Succeeding!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

Until next time…


"Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It's the courage to keep going that counts." Winston Churchill

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Am NOT Blind!

Good morning friends. Yet another beautiful day outside and I feel like blech!

This too eventually will pass…right? Right!

Something I have been battling with since December was my internal feeling of failure…giving in….being defeated by having weight loss surgery. It is not that way at all though. It is simply a tool. A drastic, potentially dangerous tool I admit, but a tool none the less.

Am I weak for admitting I need this tool?

I thought so at one time.

Am I a failure for proceeding down this path of surgery?

I think not!

Will this be a cure to my obesity?

Ummm if I thought that I would be in such a place of denial! That I am not.

The initial weight loss is such an encouraging time. One to embrace and use to ones advantage. To take that strength and move more.

I realize now obesity is a disease in itself and I have tried curing it so many times on my own. I have not been able to so it is not a failure to accept another tool to help me conquer this battle.

I am also well aware that I need to work on reasons as to why I got this way. To work on my head. I am already doing that.

I am keenly aware of the risks of surgery…thus my panicking and cancelling my surgery back in December. This is a personal decision, one that I appreciate input but understand I am absolutely not going into this blind. I have researched this quite a bit and am continuing to do so. I certainly have seen many possible bad things that may happen after surgery. I also know obesity in itself is a risk daily. A simple fall can cause massive injuries, sometimes permanent ones. So either way really is a risk and that is how I see it.

Have a great Sunday all!

Until next time…


"Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It's the courage to keep going is what counts." Winston Churchill

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I read a VERY inspiring blog called “300 Pounds Down”. It is the journey of Holly and she is down 143 pounds so far and making great strides in moving forward. I was reading…as I said…the other day and she wrote THIS

Go and read it…I’ll wait …

She is amazing right? Did you see it? Her Victory List? I LOVE It!!! I loved it so much I messaged her asking permission to steal borrow this fantastic idea! She graciously agreed. Thank you Holly!!!

My plan is to print these puppies up and make a book out of it to carry with me. The beauty of this is I can change it as I change. Isn’t that awesome too!!!????

How encouraging this is…everything about it!

How about you? Well there is something about The Victory List that even just these past couple days has made a difference. Weird how that is Huh?

I’m lovin’ it all right! My dedication…the feeling of empowerment!

What about you? What are you lovin’ right now?

Until next time…


Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today's Weight Watcher topic was anchoring. Debbie said to:

Describe myself.

What are my strengths?

I am a caring person.

I am motivated.

I am an organizer.

I am not a quitter.

I am patient.

I am creative.

Tapping into my inner resources.

Translate my strengths into my weight loss efforts.

Ask for help. Tap those resources.

Anchoring helps keep you focused. What can it be? A ring or a bracelet. Something that can remind me what I am going this for.

We stayed for the power start meeting this week. The third one. This week we covered power plans.

I am off to make my plan.
What are your plans???
Until next time…

"Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It's the courage to keep going is what counts." Winston Churchill

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Curse? Blessing?

Hmmmm. I am not entirely sure.

Let me back up a bit. So today I found out I won the Weight Watchers Deluxe Starter Kit from Friends Weighing In. I was totally excited and told my husband. He was happy for me and then proceeded to say…

“I want to go to Weight Watchers!”

Holy cow!

No way!

I would have leaped for joy in years past…to have my hubby right along side of me physically in this journey.

But now I am not so sure.

I joined 5 weeks ago…without telling anyone here in real life I had done so…not even him. I did it for me…by myself!

See my dilemma?

Is this a curse?

Is this a blessing?

Only time will tell.

This is the first time ever Kev had joined Weight Watchers and in that light I know it is good…for him.

SO even though I joined 5 weeks ago this was actually the first meeting I was able to attend…oh yeah back up a bit again…

So we wait for the kids to get home from school and off we go to join for Kev and weigh–in for me…so I thought. Nope, because I had not been there in 5 weeks my cards were no longer valid or even around so I got the privilege of re-joining with him. We have both officially joined today…together.

OK so now back to the meeting…

I LOVE the power start sessions! Wow! What an awesome addition to the program! Seriously!

I also loved how the program now is really geared to power foods. The particular meeting we attended was not the same one we go regularly but I hope the leader of the one we go to is as lively as Kim was tonight. She was great and I really think I can relate a bit to her. She lost 60 pounds with Weight Watchers but it took her 4 years to do it! 15 pounds a year…about 1/4 pound a week!Seriously I have not ever heard of anyone losing that slow and succeeding. I do believe I will try to catch her meeting now and again regardless. I also need to see if she is the leader of the meeting Hubs and I will be going to regularly.

Speaking of flexible, in the regular part of the meeting we discussed what is and is not working for us on the program. This one guy said what is working is he discovered he is a snacker and was using more points from dinner until around 9PM. SO what did he do? He adjusted it so he had plenty of points remaining so he could snack guilt free. Doh! So Simple right???!!! THAT is why attending the meetings are so important to success.

On a final note I am feeling a little better. Thankfully. Still congested, but feeling human again.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time…


Monday, March 12, 2012

Do It Today

Good Monday morning!

Boy the time change has messed me up!

With the wedding Saturday night and being there way later than we had planned we ended up oversleeping by a LOT! All of us did, even my 8 year old. Totally was a weird day all around…that continued today.

My daughter…who is very punctual…was still asleep when the bus went by! Thankfully the 8 year old was up playing and started alarming everyone to the time. They all got off to school on time despite getting up late and missing the bus.

So now with the day off to yet another late beginning and “off” start I am ready to start my week.

Today I organize my coupons, make a shopping list and plan my escape of this “fat suit”. It’s a learning process right? Working through what works and does not work for each of us. With that in mind I read a post I’d like to share. It is from Holly. Take a read…she had a lot of good points!

How was you weekend? Do anything exciting?

Until next time…


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where Is Spring?

I am soooo ready for Spring! I woke to it snowing again and decided I am done with this winter! I am starting to think about my garden for this year and what I might plant. Taking inventory of the seeds I already have and other supplies and will be getting ready to begin planting some things inside in little cups…including flowers this year.

I was pretty happy with my meal choices yesterday and was satisfied…despite waking with a migraine that pretty much made the day a miserable one for me, even missed our company. Was bed bound but thankful for my daughter who finished off dinner and then brought me up a plate.

Today is a bit better…thankfully.

I look forward to warmer days and greenage!

How about you? Are you looking forward to the Spring? Will you be planting a garden this year?

Until next time…


Friday, March 2, 2012


Good morning lovelies!

As a kid I went roller skating pretty regularly. I had forgot all about it until I found a great deal at a local …well almost local…skating rink that I had no idea was even around. We decided because of some personal things going on we would do this on our anniversary in lieu of us taking off kidless.

My daughter had a really good time.

The boys were playing laser tag in another area of the center.

I stood on the sidelines watching happily but also wishing to be out there. I absolutely LOVED skating and I got pretty good too. At my current weight I just would not dare get on the skates…however I am planning on getting back on the wheels again someday and along that line of though, I have never been on ice skates…not much opportunities to do so growing up in Florida…and that too is another goal as the weight comes off.

Meals yesterday were pretty good.

Our pretty snowy weather has changed to an awful dreary raining…sleety mess! This by far has been quite the bazar winter and I think I am now done with it! Bring on Spring….please!

I look forward to seeing the flowers and green trees once again…don’t you?

Hope you enjoy your day no matter where you are or what the weather is like in your backyard.

Until next time…


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Avocado…Fruit or Vegetable?


About the size and shape of a big pear, remains green even when ripe. It has a flesh that is soft and buttery in texture, yet has somewhat of a nutty flavor. Yes…it is the avocado! If you have been a long time reader…you already know I LOVE avocados! It’s name, avocado, is from the Aztec word ahuacatl.

The avocado first arrived on the scene in Europe in 1519 when Martin de Encisco brought it back with him during his first expedition to South America. He also introduced some other of my faves to the Europeans at the time…in particular chocolate!!

The avocado grows in a number of areas today where the climate is warm such as North and South America, the Philippians and Australia to name just a few. I for one am tankful to be able to have them also grown locally where I am thanks to the wonderful invention of the greenhouse.

The nutritional value of the avocado is outstanding! It is high in vitamin c, potassium and protein to name just a few. When you serve an avocado with a a tortilla some cultures even consider this a meal all by itself because of the nutrition found in the avocado.

There are a variety of avocados and because of this its important to know how to pick one out when buying them. The color of the skin will vary so you want to look for a slightly soft fruit…this will indicate it is ripe. That is what you want. At home store them in a warm and well ventilated area. If the fruit needs to be ripened a bit more, you can help the process by wrapping them in a paper bag. After they have been cut open you can sprinkle the open side with a bit of lemon juice or covering tightly with plastic wrap to stall the browning process of the “meat”.

The avocado may already play an important role in your diet today. If not why not give it a try? This fruit is a truly versatile fruit that not only wallops a nutritional punch but is tasty as well.

Ready to try some recipes?

  1. Spinach Avocado Salad
  2. Potato Pancakes With Avocado Mash and Eggs
  3. Chilled Double Chocolate Torte
  4. Gazpacho with Avocado
  5. Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

Tell me…how do you use your avocados?!

Oh and in case you were wondering…the avocado is a fruit!

Until Next Time…


Quinoa…A Power House

day and frozen by night, the precipitation being as low as eight inches a year as well as devastating hailstorms, this rugged land is able to produce a desert plant… it is called quinoa.

Quinoa is a leafy herb that will grow up to six feet tall and can produce an abundance of seeds…seeds that are a nutritious and versatile food. It is an amazingly sturdy plant that will thrive even in the harshest of climates.

When its time to harvest arrives, these plants will be uprooted, dried in the sun, then threshed by hand. This shows yet another remarkable property of this plant called quinoa. It is able to be stored for years without spoiling. This makes it a real blessing during long dry seasons the world over. It is easy to see why it is the staple food not only of people in the dessert dry areas but again the world over.

We are just beginning to appreciate the real value of quinoa being the “newest grain in town,” as declared by the San Francisco Chronicle. Quinoa is low in sugar and starch. Rich in fiber and unsaturated oils. It contains many essential minerals and vitamins. High in protein. It contains the ideal balance of the amino acids we need, most importantly including lysine that is not typically found in vegetable protein. For this reason some experts call quinoa an “ideal food”.

Quinoa has a unique, nutty taste especially that can be bought out when lightly toasted. It can used as a breakfast cereal…served cold with or as a salad…hot as a side dish…sweet as a dessert. The versatility of this plant is virtually endless.

Ready to give this wonder grain a try? Try some of these recipes…

  1. Quinoa & Lentil Taco Bake
  2. Quinoa Salad with Grapes
  3. Curried Quinoa Salad
  4. Summer Vegetable Stir-fry
  5. Holiday Soup For the Soul
  6. Breakfast Quinoa
  7. Oatmeal Quinoa Cookie
  8. Quinoa Streusel Muffins
  9. Pumpkin Pie Quinoa Breakfast Bake
  10. Pumpkin Quinoa Bars

What kind of nutritional punch can you expect?

Not too shabby!

Do you use quinoa?

What is your favorite way to use this protein packed ancient grain!?

Until next time…