Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thank You

I'm sitting here this morning sipping on my sugar free instant breakfast with gingerbread flavoring feeling a bit better.

Last night I revisited my personal journal of reasons for and against surgery I made back in March when I decided to explore this route.

I spoke with my friend here that just had the surgery a few months ago.

I spoke from the heart with my husband Kevin.

I listened to Jules, McButter and Karen. Thank you for being "here" for me!

There is only 7 days, including today, remaining before the surgery date.

I am down 15 pounds as of this morning.

With that said, this morning my head seems clearer than yesterday. My emotions not so nutty. My outlook positive. I am moving forward with the surgery.

I know this is a tool I absolutely need coupled with the face to face and virtual support that comes with it. I Know my hormones are not helping my emotional upheaval right now. I also know I need to not watch cooking shows!

Yep I love cooking, cooking shows. BUT not such a good idea right now. I mean there are enough food commercials on TV as it is. AND even though I have made a conscientious decision to not celebrate the holidays we are bombarded with foods and food shows and all the talk is food!

Thank you again for all your kind thoughts and support. I just cannot tell you how much it means to me and how much it really helps.

So this time next week I will be at Eastern Maine prepping for surgery.

Jules also had asked if my husband would update my blog as I am in the hospital. The answer is yes. He will that night to let all that care to know how things went. I will then blog from the hospital as time permits via my iPod.

Until next Time…


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