Saturday, December 31, 2011


With 2012 fast approaching…as in tomorrow, actually less than 4 hours… I've had many people ask me what my new years resolutions are. The truth is I just plain do not make them…period.

I am making goals for myself though. One of which is to love and respect my body more than that food that calls my name and can wreck havoc on my health.
One way I'm doing this is by beginning 2012 with a challenge. Yes that is right!

Jules from "Big Girl Bombshell" and I are teaming up for the No excuses-Because I am worth it Challenge!  It was all her idea…Thank you Jules… And I instantly was "in" and all too excited to begin a new year this way.

We are starting the challenge tomorrow…January 1st(AGH with A weigh-in) and going for about 6 weeks or so. My 19th wedding anniversary is in February so thought I would run until the day before…the 19th, Jules is going until valentines days. Who knows maybe I’ll continue challenging myself after that…continue all the way through 2012 with this challenge. After all we all need support and accountability no matter where in our journeys to health we are.

Coupled with this challenge will be the kickoff to a juicing "diet" my husband and I are starting. He is going for 60 days, I am going for 2 weeks and then reevaluating how I am feeling. My biggest thing to accomplish aside from a boost in weight loss is the rebooting of cravings i.e. Have them gone!

When Jules dreamt up this amazing challenge idea, she reached out to MizFit aka Carla about her amazing My Trainer Fitness pack, who then put us in contact with LeAura Alderson. who kindly sent us some things to review…

Now there are NO excuses to NOT get a workout in! I love it.
Thank you Carla,  LeAura and Jules, this challenge would not exist if not for your help, input and kindness.

My challenge tools will be…MizFit as my personal Trainer via MFT packs

My Juicer(at least initially)

My EatSmart bathroom Scale

My tape measurer

My sticky notes for reminders

It is truly important to love oneself enough to make ones health a priority.

THAT is what my ultimate goal for this challenge is.

The side effects of that goal will be weight loss.…

  1. aiming for total of 40 pounds off (already down 19)

  2. better health…by default of diet

  3. More endurance…by way of exercise

What goals are you making? Are any challenges involved?


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