Friday, December 16, 2011

Another Day

Good morning…tis a beautiful day here on the coast of Maine! The sun is out, the temps are “mild” and I for one am loving it!

I just cannot tell you how happy I am I changed things up a bit.

My goals are still solid and as I said I have met some amazing people on this journey. I also want to thank everyone that continues to support me through my individual journey…no matter the way I reach my destination. The important thing is I get to my destination of a healthy weight and become more active.

I truly know having weight loss surgery is not an easy thing at all and I applaud all that have or are having it that made that decision that this is the best thing for them. It still may be for me, just not at this time. For me, I decided it was not at this point. I am healthy as far as that goes despite having a bad BMI. I do not take any medications, no sleep apnea, no health issues. I know I might be on borrowed time with this given my weight which is exactly why I am taking my health in my hands. Eating healthy and exercising. Two important things I would still have to do after surgery.

The most important thing here is I feel good about this decision…as hard as it was to make. The next important thing is my husband supports me in this decision and is on board with me. We actually have scheduled gym time in our weekly schedules to work out and encourage each other together at the gym. This is HUGE to me.

I look forward VERY much to sharing my daily eats with you as well. I have actually missed that aspect of blogging quite a bit. And I am also looking forward to getting back in and cooking…healthy…food…meals once again.

Until next time…


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