Saturday, November 5, 2011


Ah the weekend is here, though I have already messed it up. I had plans for my ministry and woke too late…in fact everyone woke too late, even my 7 year old who is typically up at 5 waking everyone else up!

Still no word from Aetna on an approval for my bariatric surgery. I was really hoping to get something in the mail yesterday, but nothing.

I saw Dr. Toder on the 14th of October and the insurance was submitted the following week, I believe on the 17th so we are half way through the time frame they have to get back to my Dr.

My weight is up and down the same 2 pounds which is very frustrating! This scares me too because what if this same thing happens even after I have my guts re-routed?! I know hormones are effected with the surgery, could that make a difference?

The sun is out, the air is COLD! It feels like winter is here, though it is only fall. In the fall, yearly, we get our family portraits done. So we are headed south this morning to look for a nice place to have for a backdrop. Probably the water since most of our fall colors are gone in part do to blythe and in part to the freak October snow storm we had.

Do you have anything annually you do in the fall with your family?


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