Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Day After

Ah the beauty after a winter snow!

Yesterday was a mess…cold…dreary…cold…did I mention cold!?

Today the sun is out…still cold…a canvas of white fluff covers everything! The kids are happily playing in the snow…the house is warm. Just the way I like it.

Now I have a confession…

I messed up last night on day 1 of my protein liquid! ERRRR!! Had a very stressful….meltdown conversation with our oldest son. Was VERY stressful. Me, I am a stress eater and someone left a bag of chips in front of me! The next think I know I am eating them!!! At 10:30 at night none the less! Oh I was mad at myself.

Today I vowed I would do better and I have so far until I opened the fridge to see fudge! It called my name! Oh and I did not answer it…at first. I told my family they had to eat it or I was tossing it under water.

I am moving on. I cannot allow this to defeat me, I HAVE to remain steady to this regimen…for my own safety during surgery! Can I just please live in a bubble for the next 3 weeks!? After surgery should not be as hard as I will not feel hungry…from what I have been told.

My head is killing me. Feels just like when I gave up caffeine! I really need to distract myself…a lot…the next 21 days.

I can do this.

I CAN do this.

I CAN DO this.



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