Monday, November 14, 2011

Friday is here

Yay it’s finally Friday. This has been a long week for me. I am hopeful with the weekend approaching things will be better.

My youngest has been experiencing dizziness since school started and up until last week we thought it was the bus ride. I’ve been a homeschooling Mom up until this year when we put our youngest 2 in public school. So even though he’s in second grade, there are a lot of new things for him. The bus was a big one.

So as soon as he told me this also happened at school…I drive him in the morning…and he had to go to the nurse, I was on the phone to his doc. Apparently what he’s experiencing is vertigo so we have a neurology appointment next week and an audiologist appointment at the end of the month to try and get some answers. His primary doc was baffled but had an idea or 2 that would need confirmation from a peds specialist…thus the 2 appointments. This is concerning me a lot and cannot wait to see the neurologist in particular hoping he can clue us in on what might be going on.

I also…changing gears here a moment…found out that my secondary insurance quickly approved me for my surgery BUT my primary is not being so cooperative and the way my policies are if my primary will not approve, my secondary will not pay even with an approved letter. Sooo I am now again waiting on Aetna…I am not pleased at all with this insurance company. We are also still waiting on a determination of my hubs short term disability claim from them…yes STILL…since he went back to work in JULY!!

When I talked to my hubs about it he said not to worry there are many at his job who have had the surgery and they have the same insurance as his, however I also know it is only recently they have been really running through the gammit with those submitting short term disability claims as well. Sooo we are in a waiting pattern again!

Oh by the way… hi Val!

I will not allow all this to get in my head and lead me back down a binge eating episode though…I will NOT allow it!

I am needing to really watch myself with all this though because I am really emotionally struggling between the waiting game with my insurance, my youngests vertigo issue and the woes of being a parent to a 17 year old who is exerting his independence and making not so great decisions.

My coping mechanism is usually heading for food…comfort food…sweets….crunchy…everything in between. This is VERY HARD! I’m working on changing this to my knitting…which I have and am doing daily. I have several hats and a couple sets done and will be posting pics of them soon.

How do you deal with stress? Are you an eater? An exerciser? What, what is your coping mechanism?


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