Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Freaking out

Hello all!

I have been experimenting in my kitchen a lot lately and I do have a number of recipes I will be sharing with you. Some have been for an ease of feeding the family while I am recuperating from surgery as well as ideas to make life a bit more manageable during my Phase 2 time prior and after surgery…a total of 4-5 weeks.

With that I have been emailing the SWLP coordinator this morning with some of my ideas. So when the phone rang with a Bangor number I just figured it was Lynn calling me about some of my ideas…even though she was responding to me via email.

It was not Lynn!!! It was Candy!!!! She is Dr. Toder’s scheduling nurse!


I have a date!!!!!!!!

My insurance finally came though and she called!! I was not thinking I would get a call, all of my appointments have been via mail. None have been via the phone!

I am now officially FREAKING out! AND I have a part tonight on the ministry school…one that I’m not supposed to use any notes with and though my end is pretty easy, I am FREAKING out….ok…deep breaths!

So I had intended on vlogging this, but I just cannot. I am way to nerved up so I am going to just tell you the “old fashioned” way…

My date for surgery is December 15th!!!!!!! Just a little over a month away! OMG!! December 1st I will officially begin phase 2 for surgery! Holy Cow!

OK I am going to let this all set in now…


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