Thursday, October 6, 2011

Six Pounds

After such an early start to my day I am really tired. BUT I had a great appointment with my dietician.

I lost another 6 pounds this past month, crazy since my scale did not show it but that could mean it's time to change the batteries.

Nonetheless I was thrilled with that. Lacey was really happy too especially after she found out I was hitting the gym hard, building muscle. I had measured myself a little less than a month ago and then this morning before I left. I have also lost 7 1/2 inches from my neck, chest, waist, arm, hips and thigh.

That is progress and I am so happy to see it. Now to see if it is enough in Dr. Toder's "book". That we shall see next Friday.

With regards to my pumpkin soup...

I need to tweak it a bit more. The flavor was good, but I was not happy with the texture of it. It was too "soupy". I like it a bit thicker than soup consistency so we shall see.

Back to my appointment today. I was supposed to hive up straws... I did. I was supposed to increase my exercise... I did. I was supposed to meal plan and make better choices... I did.

I'm still taking my vitamins in the morning and my calcium with lunch and dinner, eating slow...taking 30 minutes to eat a meal, no liquids with meals, no carbonated beverages, no alcohol and listening to my internal hunger cues.

Moving forward for sure. I also found out I can have no sugar added fudgesickles!!! Oh this was so awesome nugget of news. Something to have as a treat now and again. Woo hoo.

So that is that.

One last going I made an Asian peanut butter chicken last night that the family absolutely raved about. I, however, did not have any as the caloric content was a bit much for me. I will however share it for this without a need to watch their calorie intake. It had healthy ingredients do was pleased to serve it to my family and will happily serve it again.

Be looking for it coming soon.

Until next time...


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