Monday, October 10, 2011

Pretty Random

It was an awesome weekend and continues today as the kids are off school and Hubs is off to work.

Things here are still pretty tight money wise as we are STILL fighting Hubs short term disability claim from back in May and June!! Ugh insurance companies, how they twist things so to find any reason not to pay!

Anyway I'm frugal by nature, hate paying full price for anything if I can help it. I just read "Personal Money Saving Strategies" from my good friend Sonja and loved it. She has some great strategies for saving money.

Some other things I do is I try to shop at Sav-A-Lot at least once a month and stock up on can goods and the occasional brand name items they have great deals on coupled with coupons I have.

I've also learned to shop and meal plan according to what's on sale that week. I only buy my spices in bulk at my local Coop store. I buy clothes, shoes, household items out of season(think 50% or better off).

My trip to the mall this past Friday reminded me of that. When we lived in SC we had regular trips to the mall to do just that. My kids always had good clothes and shoes that I only paid from under a $1 to no more than $3!! Since living in rural Maine we do not get to the mall hardly at all. I'm going to try and change that, buying out of season for them and then supplement what else we need from GW Boutique (AKA Good Will).

This Friday I am finally meeting with Dr. Toder, my surgeon, and I'm really apprehensive about it. I've also just realized I'm going to be going alone as it's an early appointment and my youngest will not be on his way to school. So even though Hubs scheduled himself off from work he will need to be here so Robbie will not be alone and get on the bus. UGH! Time to rethink. I will be sure to record it with my iPod so I can review what she says as well as to allow Kevin to hear it as well.

I'm feeling excited, scared, nervous, anxious!! Seriously overwhelmed. I'm seeing a friend of mine melt away. She had surgery back in August, the 29th I believe and has lost 57 pounds already!! She lost 20 I think prior to surgery, but still 37 pounds in 6 weeks!! Holy cow!!

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting?


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