Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday Night & the Kidlets

I decided I was going to the surgical weight loss support group, despite having the kids. I had emailed Lynn and asked if it would be ok, she just suggested Robbie might not be there only because topics are not censored and that makes total sense to me. So Austin joined me as my support person and Kaitlynn waited in the lobby with Robbie.  They were great and I really appreciated it.

Before the meeting though I decided to take the kids shopping for Sears. I really liked the customer service there and the prices were surprisingly very good. Let's put it this way. I spent no more than I would have at Wal-mart and got way better quality for my money.

Robbie was very pleased with his choice. Cars light up sneakers . He liked them so much he actually put them on in the shoe department as soon as I paid for them.

Kaitlynn was not finding anything. She was disappointed. I was too, I really wanted the kids to get some good sneakers. They were in great need of them.

Then at the last minute as Robbie was putting his shoes on she found some! Yes! They were perfect for her and at an awesome price too.


Austin had initially went with us to get some running shoes, he has however put running aside for a bit and decided he wanted to get some clothes more his he did.

I liked what he got. The best part is HE feels good about it. Self confidence and spunk in your step is such a good thing.

I really enjoyed the whole day with my kids. It was great to feel I was in the moment with them.  It has been such s long time since I have felt this way. To let the stresses go.

Even though money was spent that really should not have been, the kids needed sneakers and Austin paid for his own, it helped relieve some stress at the same time. We walked around the mall, kids goofing trying on hats and such, laughing and enjoying each other as well.

Laughter is such a healing tool and after the long hard summer with depression we really needed that.

I look forward to more days like today. Makes all the stresses melt away and really brings home what is portent in life. People...not things.


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