Thursday, September 22, 2011


Tuesday was a mess. I was supposed to go to a SWLP support meeting but instead I spent it in the hospital with my husband checking in on his Mom. It is where I should have been and I was ok with that, so this is not the rant, just a disappointment but I have many more meetings I can and will attend. My husbands Mom was more important. She is home now on a new diet and told to exercise 2 hours a week. So all is tame there.

 WARNING the rant is coming.

I am so irritated. I am back in the gym…and oh so happy to be there.

BUT I need new sneakers!

I have actually worn through the ones I have and they are starting t hurt my feet. Ok so just get some new ones right?! ERR We are still waiting on a determination of 8 weeks of pay from when my hubs was out of work with depression! Yes he has been back at work for 2 months and we are STILL waiting for the answer and it is beginning to lean towards a denial!

They changed one of his meds to generic, would not pay for the brand name….this is the actual reason he dived mentally and now they are telling us he should have been back at work in May not July, even though it was not until late June we finally got the approval to switch him back and then it was about 2 weeks later he finally felt level. UUUUGGGHHH. Anyone out there with any suggestions? We blew though our savings and are a 2 months behind on everything and just cannot seem to get ahead.

So on top of me needing sneakers, my kids need sneakers…very soon anyway as well as snow boots…yes the snow is just around the corner and winter stuff also will be needed. It just keeps coming and I am soooo very frustrated.

Ok rant is over, if you made it that far thanks for reading and seriously if you have any ideas regarding insurance company's and how to get disability approved I am open for ideas!

Hope your day is a great one…


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