Thursday, September 22, 2011


Tuesday was a mess. I was supposed to go to a SWLP support meeting but instead I spent it in the hospital with my husband checking in on his Mom. It is where I should have been and I was ok with that, so this is not the rant, just a disappointment but I have many more meetings I can and will attend. My husbands Mom was more important. She is home now on a new diet and told to exercise 2 hours a week. So all is tame there.

 WARNING the rant is coming.

I am so irritated. I am back in the gym…and oh so happy to be there.

BUT I need new sneakers!

I have actually worn through the ones I have and they are starting t hurt my feet. Ok so just get some new ones right?! ERR We are still waiting on a determination of 8 weeks of pay from when my hubs was out of work with depression! Yes he has been back at work for 2 months and we are STILL waiting for the answer and it is beginning to lean towards a denial!

They changed one of his meds to generic, would not pay for the brand name….this is the actual reason he dived mentally and now they are telling us he should have been back at work in May not July, even though it was not until late June we finally got the approval to switch him back and then it was about 2 weeks later he finally felt level. UUUUGGGHHH. Anyone out there with any suggestions? We blew though our savings and are a 2 months behind on everything and just cannot seem to get ahead.

So on top of me needing sneakers, my kids need sneakers…very soon anyway as well as snow boots…yes the snow is just around the corner and winter stuff also will be needed. It just keeps coming and I am soooo very frustrated.

Ok rant is over, if you made it that far thanks for reading and seriously if you have any ideas regarding insurance company's and how to get disability approved I am open for ideas!

Hope your day is a great one…


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It is sort of a blah day around here, well actually it is just my mental disposition and I’m trying to get out of it. I feel blah. I keep having dreams about the surgery. So even though I am not consciously thinking about it, I AM thinking about it. This is going to be a LONG several months I think.

They are good dreams, like the weight is finally coming off and I am finally having lots of energy. I soo want that.

Anyway I just found out a blogger friend of mine is also heading down this route on his weight loss journey! I am really excited for him. His name is Sam and he blogs HERE. Hop on over and show him some comment love! We all need support in our lives…for one thing or another and I appreciate all the support I get here on my blog as well as in real life and always try to pass that support on in anyway I can.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Two Appointments

Yesterday and today have been packed with appointments, well really only 2 but sure did feel like it.

Yesterday I had a one on one with a dietician…very nice and I was a bit nervous going in as I have self confidence issue when we have to talk diet and exercise.

It went awesome! I loved my nutritionist…Lacey Bell    ( don’t you just love her name too!!??)… super nice and very helpful. We went over some things and then I had to take a test…not a pass fail but to see where I am with understanding what is ahead of me. She told me I have a great knowledge of what to do and what is to come. She wants me to increase my walking time and no more using straws and no more fast food. In fact she said to act as if I have already had bypass surgery and do not eat anything that I will not be able to after…even though I am leaning more towards the sleeve.

Today I had a meeting with the Psychologist. Bryan Fritzler. I was REALLY apprehensive about this. However after a 567 question questionnaire on all sorts of behaviors and an 80 something written questionnaire on possible eating disorders I finally met face to face with him…and….I was actually quite calm. He asked me some more questions drilling down to some answers that may have not been so obvious to me, asked about certain things directly related to the surgery, including what I will miss most after the surgery. My answer there was a nice glass of wine once in a while.

He…Bryan…was really friendly and very easy to talk to. Really happy about that. I have my “homework” for the next month until I meet with Lacey again…

  1. no straws
  2. no sugary/fried foods
  3. increase my exercise
  4. Plan my meals out and prepare to not be caught out with no appropriate food

I will also be continuing…

  • to eat only 3 meals a day
  • no snacking in between meals
  • eating slowly
  • working on my meal being consumed slowly in 30 minutes, chewing to a liquid consistency
  • no liquids with meals or 30 minutes before/after a meal
  • strength train and cardio for 30-40 minutes a day

I believe that is it. My next stop is the dietician again for a one on one because my insurance requires it, then I think the surgeon, unless I might be able to meet with the surgeon sooner even though I still have to meet with the dietician again. I will email Lacey that question.

After having to write a 3 paragraph synopsis of my weight history and what I have tried, I have definitely made my mind up that I am going through with the surgery. This is the right thing for ME. I am leaning definitely towards the sleeve and because I am, I am really going to push to have the surgery this year….my insurance high deductible is met which means no out of pocket expense for the surgery…my main insurance covers the sleeve. If I end up having to wait I may have no choice but to opt for the bypass because my secondary insurance will not cover the sleeve and I am not sure how that will work. Will have to wait and see, but none the less I am pushing to have this done and am going to work hard in all areas to make it happen.