Monday, August 1, 2011

Whoa! August Already???!!!

Whoa! I cannot believe we are in August already!

Where is the summer going? Ugh not even been to the lake yet, kids and Hubs have, but not me.

We made a change to things here at home. It is a major one. We have decided to put our youngest 2 children into public school this year. I have mixed feelings about this.

This will allow me time to focus on me for a change and take care of me so in turn I can be a better Mom and Wife. I have agonized over this decision but it was one that had to be done for all of us. So August 29th my life as I have known it for 15 years will be totally different.

I am  a bit numb over this…will update you as the feelings come.

Another thing is Wednesday I have my first 2 of many appointments in my journey with the Surgical Weight Loss program. I want to be successful with this, I really do and look forward to learning so much more with these appointments.

Until next time…


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