Sunday, August 14, 2011


AHHH Anxiety over this whole surgery business is entering my dreams now. Man I woke up yesterday morning not sure if I what I dreamt was real or not. Ever have those types of dreams? Ones where it takes you a bit to realize if indeed it was a dream or if it really happened?That is what it was…a dream. Though I have a friend who is actually beginning the 2 week fast tomorrow and has a surgery date of the 29th! We had no idea we were both going through this program. I am glad to know someone else doing this in a weird sort of way.I was holding off telling anyone really here in real life about going through this program until I had the opportunity to talk to my daughter and see how she took it. Thankfully she took it well and fully supports me with it, so I am very open and chatty about it in real life too, not just here on my blog. No one I know…that I know of…in real life reads my blog, but am thinking that may change as I open up more and more about it here and share the fact I am documenting it as I go.

My next appointment is with the dietician and that is on the 6th of September and between now and then I am writing down questions as to things to eat during the 2 week fast prior and 2 weeks post op of liquids I can have. I have read slim fast, but not a fan of them…at all, so I have a few things I am bringing with me to see about.

I feel a big sigh of relief being able to freely talk about it now, that was really hard I have to say, but not as hard as my journey is taking me.

I am doing good on some of my challenges, not so good on others, need to work a lot harder this week…today…right now.


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