Sunday, August 7, 2011

First Things First

My head is spinning. Oh how I wish someone was able to have gone with me to these appointments Wednesday.

We talked about Inter and Intrapersonal issues. Some really hit home with me…resonated if you will.

Under INTRA:

  1. using food as a coping strategy, I know I do this and it is a hard thing to not do, but I have been trying long before beginning this Surgical Weight Loss Program.
  2. negative self image…umm yeah
  3. lack of personal boundaries…boy did this hit home! The question was asked if any of us put others first, even when there are things we need to be doing for ourselves!? Oh yeah that is me and then it was said we NEED to work and practice on making boundaries and NOT always saying yes. So I am working hard on this, very hard.

There were others but these 3 hit me right between the eyes.

Under INTER:

  1. The need to learn new social skills… most everything we do here in the states revolves around food. When we are happy we celebrate with food…when we are sad we mourn with food…when we are celebrating, it is with food…you see the picture right?
  2. learn to be assertive and yet kind. This is going hand in hand with number 3 above. Learning how to say no with kindness.
  3. Again related to 3 above, learning to put myself on the priority list because up until now I have not even made that list, so it is a work in progress.

Again there were others but these just hit me.

The surgeries were broken down for us again and then we touched on things we will have to do lifelong.

  • Things we cannot have…ever…again.
  • Things we MUST have and do forever.

We learned about the phases after surgery and when and how they will progress. The vitamin supplements we need to take, now and then after surgery, potential nutrition complications, dumping syndrome, what I should do to prepare, what to bring to my next appointment and how to maintain the weight loss.

The was just the first 2 hours! Then I had a 1 hour appointment with the physical therapist. I will leave off now and explain in more detail later about the nutrition issues and what I learned that I am doing now to help jump start my weight loss.

Whew…so much I am learning and digesting!


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