Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It is hard! What is hard you may think. Learning to chew slowly…making a meal stretch out for 30 minutes! Wow…I have been trying and do ok when there is no distractions. I have 3 kids…life here is all about distractions.

I just need to keep trying. Another thing that is hard is not drinking 1/2 hour before or after a meal and nothing with the meal. That is a bit easier, but not much.

Taking my vitamins is going pretty good, though I am not yet back in the gym. I need to be and am pretty certain once the kids start school a schedule will be easier to get going with.

The countdown is on for that, school. 13 days and counting. The kids are enrolled and are starting to get excited about it. I actually am as well. The thought of a few hours a day all to me, to get caught up on things I am sooo behind in and to have me time. It has been a really long time.


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