Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Drop in the Bucket

Good morning all.

Wicked storm last night that disrupted my sleep quite a bit, but am feeling pretty good anyway.

It is a surreal feeling knowing my life is going to be changing drastically here soon with the kids going to school. I found myself mourning my already changed routine a bit when this morning I realized I did not have to work on the school first quarter schedule. Writing out plans, making worksheets and goal sheets, etc.

So what to do in my already extra time?

I am writing out a meal plan when I can go food shopping again. We are still fighting Aetna for more than 2 months worth of disability pay for when Hubs was out. That is a good bit and the bills are still piling up, budgets are not yet back to where they need to be and it in itself when I sit and think about it very frustrating!

I am not sure when I can do this shopping but in the meantime I am also trying to work on a meal plan with what is still left in the house. I am very thankful I stock up on sales because if I did not do that we would have and still would be in really sore straights, though we are getting to the end of the surplus supplies.

These stresses are really just a drop in a bucket compared to what we had been going through and certainly what others have and are still going through. However they are my stresses and they do affect me. It is all relative, right?

Some plans I have made regarding meals is couscous and brown rice mixed with veggies and proteins like black beans and chickpeas. Simple yet good and filling.

Will update you tomorrow after my appointments on how they went, I am really looking forward to them, oh and the meal plans I am currently making may be null and void after meeting with the dietician, we will see.


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