Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Last night as I was getting ready for bed I had this epiphany! I know I have heard it before…others have said it to me and others before…but for some reason last night it hit me like a whack upside my head!

5 pounds of sugar

That bag of sugar up there represents 5 pounds. Five pounds sounds so much better than 200!

Five pounds sounds more manageable. So here comes in the epiphany…

I only need to lose 5 pounds…40 times!

OK I know… I know I have heard it so many times before…break down your larger goals.

But for whatever reason it just did not sit in with me. It did not make an impression. THIS as I said hit me…hit me hard!

I can do this! I now have a small goal…5 pounds to lose…that is all. Then I repeat it again.


Thursday, August 18, 2011


This morning I woke up STARVING!! But I did really good with my food choices yesterday…that is success in my book.

Here we go…

Breakfast was a protein shake made with mixed berries and Premier Protein.

I wanted a grilled cheese sammie for lunch, so I had one paired with nice side salad with poppyseed dressing.

A shrimp stir-fry was dinner over brown rice with a bit of hoisin sauce on top.

I know I was a bit low on my fluids, need to work on that today but am soooo happy with my food choices.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meat Balls

Pretty descent day overall. Only had 3 meals, took my time eating them, took my vitamins, no drinks with my meals. I could have had more water through the day, but was distracted a bit.

Dinner was super yummy! I tried my hand at making meatballs…never have done that before and I am happy to report they got rave reviews here at the home front.

Oh and shhh they were healthy too! Don’t tell my kids ok?


  • 16 oz ground chicken
  • 16oz pkg LightLife gimme Lean Meat
  • 1/2c skim milk
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 2t Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1c Old Fashioned Oats (not quick cook)
  • 1/2c freshly diced onion
  • 1/4t Sea Salt
  • 1/4t Pepper

First preheat oven to 400 degrees and spray a cooking sheet with cooking spray .

Soak the Old Fashioned Oats, eggs, milk, Worcestershire Sauce, Sea Salt and Pepper for about 30 minutes, then added the chicken and gimme lean meat. Mix well until thoroughly blended.

Make into 1-inch balls and place on sprayed cookie sheet.

Bake about 25 minutes until a golden color. Remove from oven and enjoy!

I hope you like these as much as we did!! Let me know if you try them ok?


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It is hard! What is hard you may think. Learning to chew slowly…making a meal stretch out for 30 minutes! Wow…I have been trying and do ok when there is no distractions. I have 3 kids…life here is all about distractions.

I just need to keep trying. Another thing that is hard is not drinking 1/2 hour before or after a meal and nothing with the meal. That is a bit easier, but not much.

Taking my vitamins is going pretty good, though I am not yet back in the gym. I need to be and am pretty certain once the kids start school a schedule will be easier to get going with.

The countdown is on for that, school. 13 days and counting. The kids are enrolled and are starting to get excited about it. I actually am as well. The thought of a few hours a day all to me, to get caught up on things I am sooo behind in and to have me time. It has been a really long time.


Sunday, August 14, 2011


AHHH Anxiety over this whole surgery business is entering my dreams now. Man I woke up yesterday morning not sure if I what I dreamt was real or not. Ever have those types of dreams? Ones where it takes you a bit to realize if indeed it was a dream or if it really happened?That is what it was…a dream. Though I have a friend who is actually beginning the 2 week fast tomorrow and has a surgery date of the 29th! We had no idea we were both going through this program. I am glad to know someone else doing this in a weird sort of way.I was holding off telling anyone really here in real life about going through this program until I had the opportunity to talk to my daughter and see how she took it. Thankfully she took it well and fully supports me with it, so I am very open and chatty about it in real life too, not just here on my blog. No one I know…that I know of…in real life reads my blog, but am thinking that may change as I open up more and more about it here and share the fact I am documenting it as I go.

My next appointment is with the dietician and that is on the 6th of September and between now and then I am writing down questions as to things to eat during the 2 week fast prior and 2 weeks post op of liquids I can have. I have read slim fast, but not a fan of them…at all, so I have a few things I am bringing with me to see about.

I feel a big sigh of relief being able to freely talk about it now, that was really hard I have to say, but not as hard as my journey is taking me.

I am doing good on some of my challenges, not so good on others, need to work a lot harder this week…today…right now.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gotta Roll With It

Oh yes this thing is kickin’ my rear. Hubs has antibiotics, I have called and am waiting to see if I can get them called in for me and my 2 youngest see the doc this afternoon. What a time of year for 2 really bad viruses running amuck. Although between this one I rather deal with it because the other is with fluid leakage if you know what I mean.

I am sipping on water throughout the day along with sugar free popsicles and sugar free Jell-O.

When I get to feeling better I will be posting more, right now it hurts the head, so until then…have a great day!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not The Time Of Year For This

UUGGHHH I am getting sick!!!!!

Hubs has been progressively getting sick since Thursday and yesterday our youngest and myself started to show signs of it!


It is too nice outside to feel and be sick. But I do.

When I am sick it is so hard to eat right because I just do not feel like cooking or doing anything. This is going to be a test…me sick…not feeling well at all. It is 10:30AM and I have not eaten or done anything at all.

I need to eat, so I am off to make a healthy brunch, just not sure what it will be yet.

Have a great day all.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Lifestyle Changes

What did I learn last Wednesday?

A lot! I touched a bit on it yesterday. I have learned a few things that I am putting into play now. It is not really new to me, though it for some reason clicked a bit more with me.

What am I doing NOW to promote my weight loss NOW? What I learned or reheard and it finally sunk in Wednesday. I am eating slow…very slow. Spreading my meal out to last as close to 30 minutes as I can. Do you know how HARD that is??!!

Very hard, but I am working at it and keeping a journal of times, amounts of food and so on.

I also am using smaller plates a 6 inch for breakfast and lunch and 8 inch for dinner. Not drinking with my meals or 1/2 hour before or after eating, taking vitamins.

I am not hungry much in between meals, I am not snacking, but I do use this time to continually sip at my water and this is really helping keeping the hungry beast at bay.

What did I learn at my Physical Therapist appointment?

That the program I already have in place, though need to get back to, is a good one with one minor adjustment. She is concerned about my joints so because I am hurting after workouts she wants me to cut back on the weight some and instead increase my reps and sets. I am also need to add cardio in daily AND she said to go everyday to strength train just change things up, so that is what I will be doing…very soon.

What am I challenging myself to between now and my next dietician appointment in September?

  1. Eat slow
  2. No drinks with meal
  3. work on my personal boundaries
  4. Sipping my water throughout the day
  5. Chew my food to liquid consistency
  6. strength train 4 days a week
  7. walk 6 days a week
  8. practice mindful eating
  9. start taking my vitamins
  10. no fast food or eating out in restaurants

These are the 10 things I am challenging myself to between now and my next appointment on September 6th and so far I am doing OK.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

First Things First

My head is spinning. Oh how I wish someone was able to have gone with me to these appointments Wednesday.

We talked about Inter and Intrapersonal issues. Some really hit home with me…resonated if you will.

Under INTRA:

  1. using food as a coping strategy, I know I do this and it is a hard thing to not do, but I have been trying long before beginning this Surgical Weight Loss Program.
  2. negative self image…umm yeah
  3. lack of personal boundaries…boy did this hit home! The question was asked if any of us put others first, even when there are things we need to be doing for ourselves!? Oh yeah that is me and then it was said we NEED to work and practice on making boundaries and NOT always saying yes. So I am working hard on this, very hard.

There were others but these 3 hit me right between the eyes.

Under INTER:

  1. The need to learn new social skills… most everything we do here in the states revolves around food. When we are happy we celebrate with food…when we are sad we mourn with food…when we are celebrating, it is with food…you see the picture right?
  2. learn to be assertive and yet kind. This is going hand in hand with number 3 above. Learning how to say no with kindness.
  3. Again related to 3 above, learning to put myself on the priority list because up until now I have not even made that list, so it is a work in progress.

Again there were others but these just hit me.

The surgeries were broken down for us again and then we touched on things we will have to do lifelong.

  • Things we cannot have…ever…again.
  • Things we MUST have and do forever.

We learned about the phases after surgery and when and how they will progress. The vitamin supplements we need to take, now and then after surgery, potential nutrition complications, dumping syndrome, what I should do to prepare, what to bring to my next appointment and how to maintain the weight loss.

The was just the first 2 hours! Then I had a 1 hour appointment with the physical therapist. I will leave off now and explain in more detail later about the nutrition issues and what I learned that I am doing now to help jump start my weight loss.

Whew…so much I am learning and digesting!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Drop in the Bucket

Good morning all.

Wicked storm last night that disrupted my sleep quite a bit, but am feeling pretty good anyway.

It is a surreal feeling knowing my life is going to be changing drastically here soon with the kids going to school. I found myself mourning my already changed routine a bit when this morning I realized I did not have to work on the school first quarter schedule. Writing out plans, making worksheets and goal sheets, etc.

So what to do in my already extra time?

I am writing out a meal plan when I can go food shopping again. We are still fighting Aetna for more than 2 months worth of disability pay for when Hubs was out. That is a good bit and the bills are still piling up, budgets are not yet back to where they need to be and it in itself when I sit and think about it very frustrating!

I am not sure when I can do this shopping but in the meantime I am also trying to work on a meal plan with what is still left in the house. I am very thankful I stock up on sales because if I did not do that we would have and still would be in really sore straights, though we are getting to the end of the surplus supplies.

These stresses are really just a drop in a bucket compared to what we had been going through and certainly what others have and are still going through. However they are my stresses and they do affect me. It is all relative, right?

Some plans I have made regarding meals is couscous and brown rice mixed with veggies and proteins like black beans and chickpeas. Simple yet good and filling.

Will update you tomorrow after my appointments on how they went, I am really looking forward to them, oh and the meal plans I am currently making may be null and void after meeting with the dietician, we will see.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Whoa! August Already???!!!

Whoa! I cannot believe we are in August already!

Where is the summer going? Ugh not even been to the lake yet, kids and Hubs have, but not me.

We made a change to things here at home. It is a major one. We have decided to put our youngest 2 children into public school this year. I have mixed feelings about this.

This will allow me time to focus on me for a change and take care of me so in turn I can be a better Mom and Wife. I have agonized over this decision but it was one that had to be done for all of us. So August 29th my life as I have known it for 15 years will be totally different.

I am  a bit numb over this…will update you as the feelings come.

Another thing is Wednesday I have my first 2 of many appointments in my journey with the Surgical Weight Loss program. I want to be successful with this, I really do and look forward to learning so much more with these appointments.

Until next time…