Monday, July 4, 2011

Weigh In

I really dislike the scale…very much but today I made the day to weigh myself and get this program into high gear. I know I can lose weight…it is making it to goal and staying there I have the problem with. I have been teetering all the while here doing the research and such about weight loss surgery and the pros and cons to each of them.

So me being wishy washy and not weighing myself has gotten me above my highest ever.

Am I going to beat myself up over it?

Nope, others will do that enough for me and have as of late. I know they mean well, they just do not realize how their words hurt. So I will be kind and gentle to myself and move on knowing I am going to make progress. I already have. I stepped on that scale…saw the number…sighed and am moving on.

I lost 50 pounds on the old core program with Weight Watchers…so again I am committed to following that program as I go through the Surgical Weight Loss Program. At least this month until I meet with the dietician. She may have other plans for me, but while I am on my own so to speak I know this works for me and I am going to work this.

My journey seemed to come to a halt…now I am on the road again, only a new route, one I have not traveled down before, taking the initial steps in familiar territory.

I have been going back over my postings…looking for some positive things and came across Positive Affirmation and Stress…Does It Do A Body Good? Definitely some things for me to put into practice and remember.

Today’s Weight: 355.8


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