Monday, July 18, 2011

Up & Up

My weight that is!!

I weighed in and gained…not happy but now am more determined to be focused on what I need to be.

Now I am pretty certain I know why my back hurts…the weight that has been gained….the cycle I need to stop!

My mental funk is not here…thankfully

and my outlook is bright,

now to just stop the food

before I bite!

I have successfully ditched caffeine! Now to ditch the rest and get my eating and exercise back in order.

I have an appointment with the dietician on August 3rd as well as the Physical Therapist. The first of many appointments coming soon. I will meet with a dietician 2 more times. Once in September and once in October. Then I meet with the psychologist in September and have a consult with a sleep doc in October. So the process is moving.

With still battling the insurance company for Hubs disability pay, not having any real income since June 10th extra trips are not a possibility right now so I am not going to be able to go to the Surgical Weight Loss Support group tomorrow night…pretty bummed about that one. Hopefully things will be straightened out before the next one on August 5th.


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