Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not In a Day

The decision to have weight loss surgery does not happen in a day…a week…even a month. It comes after many tries at losing weight only to have it boomerang back with extra. At least this is my process and I am still not 100% sure I will go through with it. I am in the process of weighing my decisions and learning all I can.

I used to be one of those who the thought of anyone having weight loss surgery as it scaring the heck out of me! You do hear of horror stories, they at one time seemed to outshine the success stories, at least in my realm of friends and such. They are definitely still there, but I am also finding many many success stories through it as well.

I also used to be of the thought…NO WAY!!

Now I am open to it.

I think there are many roads that will lead you to your final destination…that of being at a happy healthy weight…I have tried many, found partial success and then tried another. I know this is not an easy route…despite what many say and think (they really should research). It is probably in some instances harder than ones I have already been down, but the truth is I am not happy with how I look and how I feel and I have tried many many ways. After learning about some of the hormones in the stomach and how they are effected with the surgery many things now make sense to me.

I struggle daily with food issues…cravings…relentless hunger and going to a gym has not seemed to help any of these, in fact I am gaining…again! So I will not stop going to the gym, I will continue and continue to explore this next route…that of having weight loss surgery. I know many out there will have my back and many will not. Just know this is a very hard decision I have in front of me and am very thankful for those supporters I do have…my cheerleaders. Thank you!


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