Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Did It Again!

It was a gorgeous day here in Maine and I it enjoyed it quite a bit with my kiddos.

Breakfast was a great start to the day. It was eggs with fat free cheese mixed with olive oil on top and a sliced apple on the side. Oh yes and I tried to make a mocha…did not turn out so great, I guess I will try again sometime.

Lunch was a spinach salad loaded with garden veggies and topped with a bit of fat free cheddar and fat free ranch. On the side I had 3 chicken sausages, they were chipotle and peach salsa flavored…and they were good!

Then dinner came and I was craving onion rings!! I never crave onion rings! So we went to DQ! I had a fajita burger with the onion rings on the side and a triple chocoholic blizzard in place of a drink. Very good, but not so good in the calorie department.

Then to make the day worse calorie wise the family wanted to go to McDonald’s after our theocratic meeting!! I wish I had never tried their rolo McFlurry because I was not planning on getting anything until I saw 2 other people get one of these sinful creations! Then I caved!

I need to do better. I have breakfast and lunch down but am failing miserably when it comes to dinner. Today I am going to work on planning my meals for today and tomorrow, Planning definitely helps and things have been crazy here for a long time, but regardless a plan needs to be made and followed.


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