Thursday, July 7, 2011

He Is Back

Hubs went back to work this morning after 3 days of severe anxiety over it. He talked with his Doc and she said she would be concerned if he was NOT anxious, so he dealt and has pushed through and is there now.

I too am a bit anxious for him, never have seen him this way, he is typically so laid back it is irritating. But here we go hopefully on the road to a relative normality in our home.

Yesterday was an ok day, did not make I to the gym as Hubs was up all night in the bathroom “worshipping the porcelain throne”, it was wicked hot in our house…living in Maine and no AC means on the few hot nights it, can be really bad…could NOT fall asleep, finally did about 4AM, supposed to get up at 5 for the gym and there was no way it was happening, so I slept until 8, 4 hours is better than none I guess. I dragged all day and so wanted some coffee…but I was good and did not have any.

Onto the daily eats..

It was just a quick banana and decaf coffee with skim and Truvia

Snack consisted of 3 Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges , these have been a fave of mine since I was a little kid!

Lunch, loved lunch actually was Natural Peanut Butter  with some Honey Bitz sprinkled and a half a banana on one side and sliced strawberries on the other….LOVED it!!!

Dinner we went out to a Chinese place…China One and I had a small helping of veggie rice, an eggroll and 3 crab Rangoon. Loved it!

So not too bad…


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