Saturday, July 2, 2011


Last night I went to A Surgical Weight Loss Support Meeting and learned yet a little more. The first meeting I went to only 1 person had gone the Vertical Sleeve route, this time 2 did and the dietician heading up the meeting asked for their email address in the event they wanted to share with others thinking about that type of surgery…That would be me.

I know the band is not for me and I would rather my guts not be all rearranged so I am leaning towards the sleeve option, along with keeping an open mind about the bypass. I am learning a lot and love that those who are post op share there experiences…good and bad. I plan on attending all I can.

I also received my first 4 appointments in the mail and I have a physiologist that will be contacting me to make an appointment along with my local hospital for a sleep apnea workup. I meet with the dietician and the physical therapist next month and then the dietician again in September and October. Then hopefully somewhere in between now and October I can get the other 2 things done and if I am going the surgery route I am hoping to get a date with the surgeon sometime late October, November time.

I keep finding myself going back and forth, yes I want it, no I do not want it. I am told this is quite normal and to continue to attend the WLS support group and ask questions. That is what I am doing.

I am finding with this pending my decision I ma rally really struggling with eating choices. I have given up caffeine…my beloved coffee. I do not drink soda often so no biggie there. I am currently working on no fast food, which I will admit is quite difficult, especially in our on the go routines we have, we seem to always be getting up last minute and going somewhere, thus the drive thru is a frenemy. I am working through that trying to make things that can be grab and go but we are again without an income as we battle the insurance company for Hubs short term disability. So no shopping, eating off wheat we have here and some of it is not so great and definitely not a grab and go. So it tends to be quicker and cheaper to grab a meal off the dollar menu at fast food. UGH. I will get past this and break free though. I am constantly looking for better alternatives.

I did organize my pantry and Monday I am hitting the freezer and fridge.

The day has been sunny, breezy and warm and we have been out in I and enjoying it very much. I love this weather and am definitely making the most of it given it does not last long here.

The kids had a great time running around and playing, I love watching them do this and who knows maybe I will be joining them in this play next year.

Are you enjoying the weekend so far?


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