Friday, July 29, 2011

A New “Do”

Today I have a hair appointment…. I just cannot stand my hair anymore and I am in great need for a change.

With a busy day ahead I made a plan in my head surrounding my food.

Breakfast I made eggs and topped with some fat free cheddar mixed with Olive Oil and homemade taco seasoning. On the side was half and avocado and to drink was water in my nifty Klean Kanteen .

I thought I had an appointment at 1 that I made yesterday at Makin’ Waves but when I got there somehow the appointment had been made for AUGUST 25th! Ok I know these things happen, but I was pretty disappointed. They did have an opening at 2:30, so home I went to get lunch. I did not eat before I went because I was not hungry, knowing I would get home around 2 and then eat….so though not really hungry I made lunch anyway.

It was a seafood salad with crab meat, a little Olive Oil Mayo, celery and carrot. I topped this onto the spinach salad I made yesterday. It hot the spot…oh how it did!

2 successful healthy meals down….yay me!

Now for dinner!

More salad to begin with, the last of the spinach salad in fact. I paired this with a mixture of Lentil Taco “Meat” oven baked rice, fat free cheese mixed with Olive Oil and topped with fat free sour cream and a hot thai sweet chili sauce.


AND a successful healthy dinner!

There it is…what a successful day eating looks like for me!


Three healthy balanced meals, no sweets, no soda, no processed foods, no fast food!

Ahh success feels so good!


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