Friday, July 29, 2011

A New “Do”

Today I have a hair appointment…. I just cannot stand my hair anymore and I am in great need for a change.

With a busy day ahead I made a plan in my head surrounding my food.

Breakfast I made eggs and topped with some fat free cheddar mixed with Olive Oil and homemade taco seasoning. On the side was half and avocado and to drink was water in my nifty Klean Kanteen .

I thought I had an appointment at 1 that I made yesterday at Makin’ Waves but when I got there somehow the appointment had been made for AUGUST 25th! Ok I know these things happen, but I was pretty disappointed. They did have an opening at 2:30, so home I went to get lunch. I did not eat before I went because I was not hungry, knowing I would get home around 2 and then eat….so though not really hungry I made lunch anyway.

It was a seafood salad with crab meat, a little Olive Oil Mayo, celery and carrot. I topped this onto the spinach salad I made yesterday. It hot the spot…oh how it did!

2 successful healthy meals down….yay me!

Now for dinner!

More salad to begin with, the last of the spinach salad in fact. I paired this with a mixture of Lentil Taco “Meat” oven baked rice, fat free cheese mixed with Olive Oil and topped with fat free sour cream and a hot thai sweet chili sauce.


AND a successful healthy dinner!

There it is…what a successful day eating looks like for me!


Three healthy balanced meals, no sweets, no soda, no processed foods, no fast food!

Ahh success feels so good!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Did It Again!

It was a gorgeous day here in Maine and I it enjoyed it quite a bit with my kiddos.

Breakfast was a great start to the day. It was eggs with fat free cheese mixed with olive oil on top and a sliced apple on the side. Oh yes and I tried to make a mocha…did not turn out so great, I guess I will try again sometime.

Lunch was a spinach salad loaded with garden veggies and topped with a bit of fat free cheddar and fat free ranch. On the side I had 3 chicken sausages, they were chipotle and peach salsa flavored…and they were good!

Then dinner came and I was craving onion rings!! I never crave onion rings! So we went to DQ! I had a fajita burger with the onion rings on the side and a triple chocoholic blizzard in place of a drink. Very good, but not so good in the calorie department.

Then to make the day worse calorie wise the family wanted to go to McDonald’s after our theocratic meeting!! I wish I had never tried their rolo McFlurry because I was not planning on getting anything until I saw 2 other people get one of these sinful creations! Then I caved!

I need to do better. I have breakfast and lunch down but am failing miserably when it comes to dinner. Today I am going to work on planning my meals for today and tomorrow, Planning definitely helps and things have been crazy here for a long time, but regardless a plan needs to be made and followed.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lentil Taco “Meat”

  • 1C Lentils, cooked
  • 1 t Chili powder
  • 1t Ground Cumin
  • 1 t Garlic powder
  • 3T Soy Sauce
  • 2t Olive Oil
  • 1/2 c Onions, chopped
  • 1/4c Banana Peppers, Chopped
  • 1T. minced garlic

Sauté' onion and garlic in olive oil until soft, add peppers, sauté' 2 minutes. Add lentils and stir. Add soy sauce and spices. Simmer until all ingredients are well blended.
Serve in taco shells or soft tortillas. Add shredded cabbage, tomatoes refried beans, cheese, sour cream to desire.( calories for these items are not added)

Nutritional Info

  • Servings Per Recipe: 8
  • Amount Per Serving
  • Calories: 62.3
  • Total Fat: 1.3 g
  • Cholesterol: 0.0 mg
  • Sodium: 344.0 mg
  • Total Carbs: 5.8 g
  • Dietary Fiber: 2.5 g 
  • Protein: 6.8 g

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good, Then Not So Much

I woke up hurting. I know this is my own fault as I am the heaviest I have been ever!

I need to do something and now, not later because with so many variables even if I want to have Weight Loss Surgery there is a long process, many Doctors to see and there is a possibility I could be denied. However the fact remains I NEED to lose this weight.

I am really glad I saved my old Weight Watchers information from when they released the Core*. THAT is when I really did well. I remember the weight just came off 1 pound, 3 pounds at a time, I felt good and I want to be there again.

I can and have been successful on Core*, but I know me, I am afraid of that hit when I reach 295. For whatever reason my body has not let me get below that for YEARS! I have tried and tried and then when I hit that number, I stall and stall for months and the weight comes back again, adding more to the party. I am tired of that party and want to join another one.

I want to be the healthiest I can be for surgery, I know this means losing at least 10% of my body weight, for me that is 35 pounds. Can I do it? YES!

Breakfast came about and I made scrambled eggs with some fat free cheddar and a bit of Olive Oil. A juicy orange on the side and a cup of decaf coffee with Truvia and skim milk. A great start and all Core.

Lunch was chicken sausages with spinach, fat free mozzarella and Olive Oil with cherries on the side, right along with water. Another great meal.

Then came dinner. I have not been able to do any real shopping for WEEKS because of still fighting trying to get 8 weeks worth of back pay for short term disability while my Hubs was out with his depression. UUUGGHH! Anyway after shopping the kids really wanted pizza so I got 2 ordered, they actually were free because Dead River has these Pizza Club cards that get marked when you buy pizza OR fill up with gas…ours typically gets filled when we buy gas. So with 2 filled I got dinner free…for the kids…so I thought….before…I smelled them all the way home!!!

I had 5! Yes that is not a typo! I ate 5 slices. I could not believe it!

A great day until I caved to the smell of pizza…ok I can’t beat myself up over this I know even before on Core* I was not perfect, in fact after weigh in I would have a fast food dinner of choice, so this is where I am.

I have got to get my back and knees to stop hurting. I hate it!! Tomorrow I again have a clean slate, one I plan on making with a majority of good Core* choices!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Up & Up

My weight that is!!

I weighed in and gained…not happy but now am more determined to be focused on what I need to be.

Now I am pretty certain I know why my back hurts…the weight that has been gained….the cycle I need to stop!

My mental funk is not here…thankfully

and my outlook is bright,

now to just stop the food

before I bite!

I have successfully ditched caffeine! Now to ditch the rest and get my eating and exercise back in order.

I have an appointment with the dietician on August 3rd as well as the Physical Therapist. The first of many appointments coming soon. I will meet with a dietician 2 more times. Once in September and once in October. Then I meet with the psychologist in September and have a consult with a sleep doc in October. So the process is moving.

With still battling the insurance company for Hubs disability pay, not having any real income since June 10th extra trips are not a possibility right now so I am not going to be able to go to the Surgical Weight Loss Support group tomorrow night…pretty bummed about that one. Hopefully things will be straightened out before the next one on August 5th.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

He Is Back

Hubs went back to work this morning after 3 days of severe anxiety over it. He talked with his Doc and she said she would be concerned if he was NOT anxious, so he dealt and has pushed through and is there now.

I too am a bit anxious for him, never have seen him this way, he is typically so laid back it is irritating. But here we go hopefully on the road to a relative normality in our home.

Yesterday was an ok day, did not make I to the gym as Hubs was up all night in the bathroom “worshipping the porcelain throne”, it was wicked hot in our house…living in Maine and no AC means on the few hot nights it, can be really bad…could NOT fall asleep, finally did about 4AM, supposed to get up at 5 for the gym and there was no way it was happening, so I slept until 8, 4 hours is better than none I guess. I dragged all day and so wanted some coffee…but I was good and did not have any.

Onto the daily eats..

It was just a quick banana and decaf coffee with skim and Truvia

Snack consisted of 3 Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges , these have been a fave of mine since I was a little kid!

Lunch, loved lunch actually was Natural Peanut Butter  with some Honey Bitz sprinkled and a half a banana on one side and sliced strawberries on the other….LOVED it!!!

Dinner we went out to a Chinese place…China One and I had a small helping of veggie rice, an eggroll and 3 crab Rangoon. Loved it!

So not too bad…


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not In a Day

The decision to have weight loss surgery does not happen in a day…a week…even a month. It comes after many tries at losing weight only to have it boomerang back with extra. At least this is my process and I am still not 100% sure I will go through with it. I am in the process of weighing my decisions and learning all I can.

I used to be one of those who the thought of anyone having weight loss surgery as it scaring the heck out of me! You do hear of horror stories, they at one time seemed to outshine the success stories, at least in my realm of friends and such. They are definitely still there, but I am also finding many many success stories through it as well.

I also used to be of the thought…NO WAY!!

Now I am open to it.

I think there are many roads that will lead you to your final destination…that of being at a happy healthy weight…I have tried many, found partial success and then tried another. I know this is not an easy route…despite what many say and think (they really should research). It is probably in some instances harder than ones I have already been down, but the truth is I am not happy with how I look and how I feel and I have tried many many ways. After learning about some of the hormones in the stomach and how they are effected with the surgery many things now make sense to me.

I struggle daily with food issues…cravings…relentless hunger and going to a gym has not seemed to help any of these, in fact I am gaining…again! So I will not stop going to the gym, I will continue and continue to explore this next route…that of having weight loss surgery. I know many out there will have my back and many will not. Just know this is a very hard decision I have in front of me and am very thankful for those supporters I do have…my cheerleaders. Thank you!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Late Start

My day in eats is sort of not on a typical side today as I woke with a migraine and did not get up until around 10:30. So my lunch was really my brunch.

I had coffee…unleaded…with some Truvia  and skim milk in it. I then made 2 garden veggie burgers and paired it with some unsweetened applesauce. It hit the spot and the garden burgers…THEY were awesome! It was the first time I had tried them, will be having them again.

Early afternoon we were going to the gym since I did not wake up when I intended to. So it was a protein shake for me as I was getting a bit on the hungry side and knew I would not give my all if I was hungry.  I made it using Pure Protein, Vanilla Cream, skim milk and frozen strawberries…oh and a dash of Torani Sugar-Free Raspberry Syrup. It hit the spot and helped me keep going in my routine.

I love the fact our gym has a pool, so after the sweaty workout the kids hit the pool and enjoyed a swim before the storms descended upon us.

Dinner…umm it was so good! I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture . However it was a veggie taco mix made with black beans and gimme lean veggie “burger” mix. I added corn to the mix and toasted up some corn tortillas until crisp. I layered 2 with the mixture topped with a little low-fat pepper jack and sour cream…oh it was so good.

After dinner and the kids settled, the tummy was a rumbling again, so I made a cup of ginger herbal decaf tea with just a little Truvia. I had air-popped popcorn topped with a drizzle of Olive Oil and Nutritional Yeast Seasoning with a bit of sea salt.

I was able to get to the gym and made good choices though looking back I seemed really low in the fruit and veggie area. Tomorrow that is what I will focus on a bit more.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Weigh In

I really dislike the scale…very much but today I made the day to weigh myself and get this program into high gear. I know I can lose weight…it is making it to goal and staying there I have the problem with. I have been teetering all the while here doing the research and such about weight loss surgery and the pros and cons to each of them.

So me being wishy washy and not weighing myself has gotten me above my highest ever.

Am I going to beat myself up over it?

Nope, others will do that enough for me and have as of late. I know they mean well, they just do not realize how their words hurt. So I will be kind and gentle to myself and move on knowing I am going to make progress. I already have. I stepped on that scale…saw the number…sighed and am moving on.

I lost 50 pounds on the old core program with Weight Watchers…so again I am committed to following that program as I go through the Surgical Weight Loss Program. At least this month until I meet with the dietician. She may have other plans for me, but while I am on my own so to speak I know this works for me and I am going to work this.

My journey seemed to come to a halt…now I am on the road again, only a new route, one I have not traveled down before, taking the initial steps in familiar territory.

I have been going back over my postings…looking for some positive things and came across Positive Affirmation and Stress…Does It Do A Body Good? Definitely some things for me to put into practice and remember.

Today’s Weight: 355.8


Saturday, July 2, 2011


Last night I went to A Surgical Weight Loss Support Meeting and learned yet a little more. The first meeting I went to only 1 person had gone the Vertical Sleeve route, this time 2 did and the dietician heading up the meeting asked for their email address in the event they wanted to share with others thinking about that type of surgery…That would be me.

I know the band is not for me and I would rather my guts not be all rearranged so I am leaning towards the sleeve option, along with keeping an open mind about the bypass. I am learning a lot and love that those who are post op share there experiences…good and bad. I plan on attending all I can.

I also received my first 4 appointments in the mail and I have a physiologist that will be contacting me to make an appointment along with my local hospital for a sleep apnea workup. I meet with the dietician and the physical therapist next month and then the dietician again in September and October. Then hopefully somewhere in between now and October I can get the other 2 things done and if I am going the surgery route I am hoping to get a date with the surgeon sometime late October, November time.

I keep finding myself going back and forth, yes I want it, no I do not want it. I am told this is quite normal and to continue to attend the WLS support group and ask questions. That is what I am doing.

I am finding with this pending my decision I ma rally really struggling with eating choices. I have given up caffeine…my beloved coffee. I do not drink soda often so no biggie there. I am currently working on no fast food, which I will admit is quite difficult, especially in our on the go routines we have, we seem to always be getting up last minute and going somewhere, thus the drive thru is a frenemy. I am working through that trying to make things that can be grab and go but we are again without an income as we battle the insurance company for Hubs short term disability. So no shopping, eating off wheat we have here and some of it is not so great and definitely not a grab and go. So it tends to be quicker and cheaper to grab a meal off the dollar menu at fast food. UGH. I will get past this and break free though. I am constantly looking for better alternatives.

I did organize my pantry and Monday I am hitting the freezer and fridge.

The day has been sunny, breezy and warm and we have been out in I and enjoying it very much. I love this weather and am definitely making the most of it given it does not last long here.

The kids had a great time running around and playing, I love watching them do this and who knows maybe I will be joining them in this play next year.

Are you enjoying the weekend so far?


Friday, July 1, 2011

The Waking Hour

So after making my protein shake we were off…about 5:45. Got in a good workout, lots of sweat and it felt good!

Hmm gotta get better at taking a photo when I am done.

So I am off for a positive day, great to get the morning started this way.

How do you like starting your morning to get on a positive note?