Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time Is A Tickin’

It is just after noon on Tuesday. The day I have a new patient appointment and I am beginning to feel very anxious.

Am I doing the right thing? Should I just keep trying the way I have been and keep pushing? All sorts if emotions seem to be coming up.

All this after a 7am appointment with hubs for his meds. I think we are finally seeing some improvement!! He has had 2 good days in a tow now and we finally found a listening ear regarding his main medicine he takes. A few months back the insurance company no longer would cover his name rand and made him change to a generic. Ugh!! after the discussion this morning with his new doc we have added she concurs this absolutely could have been the cause of the depression escalation!!!!!! Oh I just wanna scream!!!

Anyway yesterday our primary doc finally was able to push through with the insurance the name brand med he had been on all these years without incident. My prayers are we are going to see the happy Hubs again real soon. We will meet later this week with his counselor and next Tuesday again with this new med management doc. As far as my WLS appointments we...I will know more after my appointment and support meeting.

For mow I am sitting relaxing with hubs at Borders until the time for my appointment at 2 and my kiddies are having fun with some friends making all sorts of crafts and making no bake treats.


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