Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nothing New

5  days since my last post…anything new? A little… Hubs is finally feeling better! Yeah! He even has a date to go back to work…next Tuesday. On the flip side we are still fighting the insurance with his short term disability claim. He was approved for the first month, so again now we are a month…no income. SIGH. Then on top of that frustration people at work have been talking smack we just found out. As if what Hubs does is any of their concern?

A friend let us know all the talk…see Hubs has a passion for photography…big time, but even with his depression initially he was not even interested in it…very concerning. So through speaking to his therapist she prescribed him to get involved with his photography…to engage his creativeness and focus on that to help him through this…he did…it has helped and in the process local newspaper has picked up his stories and photos…no pay. SO these people assume he is getting rich and on disability…saying things like “oh he cannot do that” and making a big deal out of this. Why do people have to be so negative and make such a fuss over things that do not concern them in the least.

Anyway it is just frustrating. So in other news, I am still waiting for my appointments to arrive for my next step in the WLS program. I think I meet with the dietician first, but we will see, I am going to a support meeting this Friday where I am hoping to meet more new people, both that have been through the surgery, to hear the good, bad and ugly as well as others contemplating the thought.

I have been experimenting with high protein shakes and am happy to say I have found several variations I like quite well, now to just run by the dietician when I see her to be sure they are indeed within the guidelines.

The other day when we went to the gym the pool was open!! The kids had a good time, me I did not go in, this time, though am thinking I might today as long as the storms stay away after our workout.

What is new on your journey?


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