Friday, June 17, 2011


Today I made positive changes.

  • I got to the gym.
  • I have had a protein shake for breakfast and after my workout.
  • I ate a high protein salad for lunch.
  • I am having another protein shake for dinner.

We all went to the gym actually which was great. I did 20 minutes slow training and then 10 minutes on the treadmill. I started to get a headache only only right side when I was on my next to last machine. I thought I was over them, I guess not. None the less it interfered with my last machine and my time on the treadmill…BUT I made it there and am putting it to go again on Monday.

It felt really good to get there and I need to remember that to get out my front door regularly.

I am using EAS 100% Whey Protein Vanilla as the protein source for my shakes. This morning I added half a frozen banana and 1c frozen strawberries to 1 c soymilk. After my workout my shake was just the protein and soymilk. For dinner it is going to be the protein mixed with some red dragon tea that is caffeine free that I am steeping right now. I am so bummed though because I just found out my favorite chai tea is NOT caffeine free!

I guess I need to try to find one that is. But I do however have some decaffeinated teas and coffees I will be using to mix with the protein powder.

I plan on getting on the scale on Monday and see how I have done with the regimen I am taking on, also it will give me a glimpse into what to expect if I am getting on the scale during my appointment on Tuesday. Not 100% sure what exactly to expect at this initial appointment. It is 2 hours long and the 2 hour support meeting after.

I also NEED to remember to measure myself, that is a big thing I keep forgetting to do.

I am currently watching my younger 2 kiddos wash our van…love watching them work together.


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