Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back And Forth

Tuesday I attended the New Patient Orientation at the Surgical Weight Loss Program. I did not learn a whole lot more than I already have found out through researching but was good to hear the particulars of this particular program.

To be totally honest I am not sure if I will go through with the surgery. I am conflicted really. I am going to go through the steps though because even just sitting in on the support group was amazing to hear the stories and they did not hold back, they told all the good…bad…ugly. There were people who had some complications, one lady wound up back in the hospital due to her intestines wrapping around her remainder of the stomach 22 times! Would she go through it all again…she emphatically said yes as did all the others there.

The nutritionist was very forthright as well in telling us there were 2 deaths due to complications in the surgeries as what they were.

The program is designed that I will meet with several people prior to ever meeting the surgeon and it was also said that about 20% of those in that class would not get surgery, either their decision or the teams determination that this would not be a good fit, so I am definitely staying in the program and using it as well as the tool it is. To continue to explore my options.

I literally am going moment to moment changing my mind on this. SO It is being kept close in prayer and I am following their recommendations for my track to surgery, knowing at the last minute I CAN change my mind. It will not hurt, all their recommendations are things that should be implemented in a healthy lifestyle anyway.


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