Monday, May 9, 2011

Not What I Expected

I talked with my hubs today and I gotta tell you that our conversation by no means turned out as I thought it would.

I fully expected him to celebrate the fact I am even considering it. Here is how I thought it would go...

"Oh honey I am so happy you finally are going to get that surgery and finally lose all that weight."

Simple easy let's go.

This is not at all how it went at all. It went more like this instead...

"Honey why are you going to do that? You have been doing so good at the gym why are you giving up? This really is a pattern you seem to have sabotaging yourself."

My reply is "I know and that is why, I just want to get this weight off once and for all."

He then shared with me he just met 2 people that had gastric bypass surgery some years ago and they are the biggest two people he has ever seen and they are even husband and wife.

What he proposed was we listen to what Ed said and eat 2,000 calories and exercise 3 days a week.

Ed told my husband that when we first began going to the gym. Ed is the owner of the gym we belong to as well as a trainer that has trained many Champion body builders.

My hubs also shared with me that it was me that inspired him to go to the gym and that he feels he is the one who has impeded me on me getting to the gym because he says he will go and then does not.

He proposed we work together on this... This is a new side to him I have not ever seen because my weight is such a touchy subject with him I have really been all alone struggling with this all the while knowing it bothers him. Such a vicious cycle this has been.

I'm really not sure what to think. I need to let this sink in for sure because it is new for me.

Ok so his (Hubs) proposition was we give it a year and see where we are then.

I'm seriously mulling this over now. And here I thought this would be an easier decision after talking to Hubs. Not so!!


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