Monday, July 27, 2009

Saturday Boat Festivities

K & A had the opportunity to go out in a boat to tour the harbor.

The kids had an awesome time. R wanted to go too but was just a wee bit small. Maybe in a few years. This really pumped the kids up and they both want to sign up for the community rowing we have available here. Good to see them so excited about something like this. So A few times a week they will be going until the end of summer.

A, K & R are all enjoying the treat of an ice cram on a somewhat summery day. One of the better ones we have definitely had this year so far.

K & R playing in a "caboose" during all the festivities.

"Henry Hudson" arrived to celebrate the 400th(yes not an extra 0 there!) anniversary of coming to shore. Quite the history lesson for the kids.

The day was really beautiful, it was great being with family enjoying all that God offers. Taking advantage of an opportunity to be with my children, a nice balance to the day.

As far as me and my new way of eating, I again achieved my goal. I made good choices, ones my body will thank me for. THAT feels awesome!

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