Friday, December 11, 2009

Water… The Many Faces

Wassertropfen, Tropfen, Water Drop

So here we are…Here are some personal suggestions to making that plain ol’ water a bit more exciting…

First when I AM drinking plain water I try to use a straw as it just seems to go down easier. But sometimes I enjoy a bit of flavor in my water…without added sugar or too many calories…Here is what I do…

I add these to my ice water…

  • Lemon
  • lemon with a bit of stevia
  • lime
  • lemon & lime with a bit of stevia
  • fresh cranberries
  • fresh cranberries and orange slices
  • fresh mint leaves
  • fresh mint & sweet basil leaves
  • raspberries(I use frozen) & lime slices
  • sliced strawberries
  • cucumber & fresh mint

I sometimes will add any of the above to seltzer water if I am wanting something bubbly as well

I add these to my HOT water…

  • lemon
  • cranberry
  • mint leaves
  • green tea bag

Water is essential for so many reasons and I am already planning a post on those reasons sometime soon so I will not get into the many whys behind drinking water…just the ease and enjoyment of getting it down. Key here enjoying it. It truly should not be a chore or force it when there are many ways we still gain all the benefits of  drinking the liquid gold yet do not sabotage our efforts of gaining our health.

So if you choose to add cheesecake to your water as Josie has suggested, well at least you might enjoy it, can’t say the same for your waistline, but that too is another post.

So now it is YOUR turn…what are your favorite ways to get your water in each day?


Monday, July 27, 2009

Saturday Boat Festivities

K & A had the opportunity to go out in a boat to tour the harbor.

The kids had an awesome time. R wanted to go too but was just a wee bit small. Maybe in a few years. This really pumped the kids up and they both want to sign up for the community rowing we have available here. Good to see them so excited about something like this. So A few times a week they will be going until the end of summer.

A, K & R are all enjoying the treat of an ice cram on a somewhat summery day. One of the better ones we have definitely had this year so far.

K & R playing in a "caboose" during all the festivities.

"Henry Hudson" arrived to celebrate the 400th(yes not an extra 0 there!) anniversary of coming to shore. Quite the history lesson for the kids.

The day was really beautiful, it was great being with family enjoying all that God offers. Taking advantage of an opportunity to be with my children, a nice balance to the day.

As far as me and my new way of eating, I again achieved my goal. I made good choices, ones my body will thank me for. THAT feels awesome!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Polar F6 vs. The Bodybugg Debate

Polar F6 Heart rate Monitor

-Displays your heart rate as beats per minute, % of HRmax, average and maximum heart rate and exercise duration.

-Counts and displays calorie expenditure.

-Time of day, weekday, alarm functions, stopwatch and countdown timer.

-Allows you to upload settings from your computer to your wrist unit with UpLink and to download exercise data directly to your computer with SonicLink.

-Automatic determination of your individual heart rate target zone limits with optional exercise intensity levels.

-Tracks your calories and % of fat burned

-Automatically establishes your personal target heart rate zones

-Fitness bullets every 10 minutes in target zone

-Full watch functions / Stopwatch / Exercise time / Backlight

Avg. Price $100.00

The BodyBugg

-Uses specialized sensors to monitor calories burned with over 90% accuracy.

-See actual calorie consumed / calorie expend

-Manages calorie consumption via web-based program that is free for 6 months($79/year after). -Tracks steps with a built-in pedometer.

-Comes with 2 - 30 minute coaching sessions to help you get the most from the unit.

-PC and Mac compatible.

-Uses a rechargeable battery.

-Alarm capabilities to remind you to drink water, work out, get to bed etc.

-Online program totally customizable to suit your needs.

-Wrist watch display available for real time viewing of calories burned.

-Tracks amount of fitness time.

Cost $199 (without digital wrist display)

OK so there are the "facts" about both(hope I did not miss any). So now you get my 2cents.

I bought the heart rate monitor to do just that track my heart rate, to be sure I was in the "zone" for the best workout I could get. I liked it and found it very helpful. What I did not like about it is the strap you wear under the bra strap(or across the chest for you men folk). I found it to be really uncomfortable and eventually stopped wearing it.

Enter the Bodybugg(as seen on The Biggest Loser, yes I was a fan, not so sure I still am after this past season, we shall see). First I have to say I am a techno geek and love playing with electronic devices(rubbed off from hubby). So what I love(yes I am a bit on the biased side here, because I DO love it) is it is really a great visual(did I mention I like pictures more than reading? LOL) of how I am doing (or not doing as the case may be at times) and motivates me to do better. now as with any tool if you do not work with it, it just will not get the results you may be looking for. So I know when I use it and go with it I see a difference. I have been quiet on my progress with the results of it because quite frankly I just have been struggling with many things and have just recently gotten my head back in the game and have it on my time line to start wearing it again.

Now I do have some things I do not like or use with it and they are this...

1. The online program is OK, seen better but as with anything you take the good and try ignoring the bad. They are also working on improving it all the time, so I am patient. I personally do not care about that aspect of it so much anyway as I attend and follow Weight Watchers. I use it to see what I am burning a day and to make sure I am making my fitness minimums.

2. The arm strap does irritate my arm after a while and I do have to take it off for a day to allow it to "air out".

Yes the bodybugg is more expensive, yes you do have an online program fee with it.

The question is what do you want to accomplish and how or what will help you to achieve those goals?

For me I choose the Bodybugg and all it has to offer.